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Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.34 Full Details

A new update has arrived in the advanced server of Mobile Legends and the patch notes of this new update is 1.6.34. In this article, we will tell you what new things will be seen in the 1.6.34 patch notes of the game.

Mobile Legends 1.6.34 Buff and Nerfs

Nerf on Roger

If you use the Roger character, then you must have been known that some extra defense stats were given to Roger in the last week but in this update, those extra defense stats have been canceled. Though the Nerf as well as the Roger’s HP has been buffed a bit.

Buff on Harley

If your favorite character in the game is Harley, then you are going to be very happy with this update because Harley has been buffed in this update. In fact, Harley’s first skill has been improved to strengthen Harley’s late-game damage, after which each Harley stack will provide 10% of the attack speed, which was 5% earlier. After this buff, Harley’s speed will almost double in the late game.

Nerf on Aurora

The damage and cooldown of Aurora’s first skill have been nerfed, which effect you’ll see in the early game. Although Aurora’s second skill has been buffed, Actually, the cooldown time of Aurora’s second skill has been decreased to 3 out of 4.

Badang Adjustment

Badang users will be very sad after this update because Badang’s adjustment has also been canceled in the update. According to the developers, they just need a little more time to adjust to Badang.

New Hero Valentina

In the update, the new hero Valentina has got a nerf as the damage to Valentina’s first skill has been reduced and the cooldown time has also been reduced to 50 seconds. If we talk about the launch date of Valentina, then Valentina was launched on 23 November.


The brand new hero Phylax has also got some minor adjustments according to which now every time it morphs, Phylax’s Ultimate will also damage nearby enemies.

Fragment Shop Update

MLBB Fragment Shop Update

Battlefield Adjustments

A lot of changes were made to the battlefield in the last week which has been pulled back in this update, like after this update there will no longer level 3 lord and no more pathway in the blue buff.

New Skins

Roger: Roger’s Phantom Ranger skin will be released on November 29 via the M3 pass event.

Miya: There is a good news for those who have been waiting for Miya’s skin that Miya’s Christmas Carnival skin is about to return.

Kagura: Kagura’s brand new Water Lily skin will be released on 23rd November.

Rafaela: Rafaela’s brand new Christmas skin coming called Angelic Sonata.

This is the complete details of Patch 1.6.34 of Mobile Legends. Do tell your opinion about this patch note by commenting below in the comment box.

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