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Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 Trailer Breakdown

The moment that Money Heist fans have been waiting for has finally arrived as the trailer of the second part of Money Heist Volume 5 has finally been released. This is the final trailer of Money Heist as the franchise will end after Part 2 of Volume 5.

For the fans of Money Heist series, Money Heist is not a series but an emotion and it is also confirmed that the second part of season five is going to make you very emotional. The audience’s connection with the story, action, emotion, and characters of Money Heist has remained very deep but now finally, this beautiful story of Money Heist is going to end with a very emotional note.

When the trailer starts, it is shown that the professor himself takes entry in the bank. Due to this step of the professor, the policemen will feel that the professor is surrendering due to the deteriorating situation, but here the thinking of those policemen will be wrong because after watching the last four seasons of Money Heist, we now know that the professor always has a plan B and this time too the professor will have a plan B.

It is clear that the Professor himself enters the bank to get his team out of the bank safely, however it will be interesting to see how the Professor will execute his plan, ignoring the high-trend soldiers of the military and the police cordon.

The last scene of the trailer shows a heart-wrenching scene as in the last scene we see that the professor along with some of his team members is caught by the police. Although the capture of the team by the police is a part of the professor’s plan or whether the professor has failed in his plan this time, it will be known after the release of the second part.

The thing that we are going to see the most in the second part is the emotion because we have got to see a lot of emotion in the trailer of the second part as well. The action sequences shown in the trailer were tremendous and BGM inserted in the trailer does the job of making the same action sequence even more effective.

Overall, the trailer of the second part of season five of Money Heist was tremendous and after watching this trailer, the excitement of the fans for the second part has increased a lot. If we talk about the release date, then the last part of Money Heist is going to be released on Netflix on December 3.

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