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Pokemon Unite November 2021 Update Details and Release Date

If you play Pokemon Unite, this month is going to be the best for you. Actually, recently some leaks have come out regarding the upcoming update of Pokemon Unite, in which a lot of information has been given about the upcoming update of the game. In this article, we will give you information about the November 2021 patch notes of Pokemon Unite, which can prove to be important for you.

Pokemon Buffs and Nerfs


In the upcoming updates of the game, many bugs have been fixed and many Pokemon have also been balanced.

In the next update, most of Greedent’s abilities got nerfs, which is going to affect the power of this pokemon.

Cheek Pouch

After Nerfs, the healing effect of Greedent’s Cheek Pouch ability will be reduced, and The health received from barry has also been reduced.

Stuff Cheeks

After the update, Greedent’s Stuff Cheeks ability will provide less shielding.


There was a bug in Covet due to which Belch could be used repeatedly under set condition, but that bug will be removed after the update.

Bullet Seed

The Bullet Seed has been buffed, after which the Bullet Seed’s damage has been boosted.


Belch’s minimum cooldown has been added and the damage to this ability has also been reduced.

Unite Move

Unite Move bugs have been fixed.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is buffed because his special attack is boosted.


Gardevoir is buffed by boosting Gardevoir’s psychic abilities and reducing cooldown.


Blizzard’s cooldown has been reduced and damage has been increased, meaning Blizzard has been buffed.


There was a bug in Pikachu’s Thunder under which when Thunder goes into cooldown when Unite move is used after that Thunder used to work like auto-attack, but now this bug has been resolved.


There was a bug in Garchomp’s passive Rough Skin that caused a lot of damage when Zeraora used Wild Charge, but that bug has now been fixed.

Item Fixes


X-Speed has been buffed, so now using X-Speed you will be able to get a higher movement speed.


Earlier Potion used to increase your HP by 15% but after the update Potion will increase your HP more.

Full Heal

There used to be many times when Full Heal did not have any effect but after the update, this bug will be fixed.

Release Date

The release date of Pokemon Unite’s November 2021 update is November 10, which means that tomorrow this update will come in the game.

This information has been given on the basis of leaks, due to which its authentication cannot be confirmed.

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