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Why People Hate Eternals?

Eternals is one such movie of Marvel which hype skyrocketed. Eternals became one of Marvel’s most hyped movies after Avengers, but due to the reviews given to the film by critics in Rotten Tomato, the film has become Marvel’s lowest-rated film. Not only the critics but many people also did not like this film that much.

If you have not seen this film yet, then the question must be coming in your mind that what is the reason why people are not liking the Eternals movie that much? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

All Marvel’s movies we have watched so far, our connection with the characters of all those movies have been connected in such a way that even today, Iron man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Dr Strange, Hawkeye, Falcon and Spiderman have made a strong place in our minds as Marvel superheroes. It may take a while for people to accept the completely unknown characters featured in Eternals as Marvel superheroes.

A very good rule of Marvel is that when any new superhero is introduced, a separate movie is made on it, due to which people are able to make a good connection with that character but this did not happen with Eternals. Actually, this film is the debut movie of all Eternals and all Eternals have been shown in the same film, due to which Eternals did not get much time to character build up.

If Avengers was Marvel’s first movie and there had not been separate films on characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor before that movie, then we would not have been able to connect to the Avengers movie or it would take us some time to understand those characters. This same thing has happened with Eternals, due to which people did not like this film as much as Avengers.

Marvel’s die-hard fans have been able to connect with Eternals and their story easily, but audiences who don’t follow Marvel and watch movies just for entertainment had a little trouble connecting with the Eternals and their story.

When the movie started, text and voice-over were used to tell about Eternals, but if some images or animations like Loki series were used instead of text, then the audience would have been able to connect better with the explanation.

This film is almost two and a half hours long and the story has been built-up in the first half of the film, however, the story of this film itself becomes its negative point as the first half seems to be very slow.

Most of the Marvel movies made so far are such that even small children can easily watch because intimate scenes are negligible in those films but this is not the case with this film. Some such intimate scenes have been shown in Eternals, which you may feel a little embarrassment watching with children.

These are some of the main reasons due to which the Eternals film could not make as much space in the hearts of the people as other Marvel films have made.

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