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Clash of Clans: Is Super Dragon Coming in Winter Update?

A big update of Clash of Clans i.e. winter update is going to be released very soon. Like every winter update, a lot of new things are going to come in this winter update of COC. In this article, we will talk about a hint of the upcoming super troop given by COC.

We have been given a hint of the upcoming super troupe of the COC through a tweet by Darian Vorlick, the community manager of Clash of Clans. Actually, before every major update, Darian Vorlick shoots a dev update video and before shooting the video, he tweets a photo of himself. This time also Darian Vorlick tweeted a photo before shooting the dev update video of the winter update, which you can see in the tweet given below.

A hint of the game’s upcoming super troop is hidden in this photo tweeted by Darian Vorlick. Actually, if you zoom in to this photo, you will get to see the script of the video in a screen just behind Darian Vorlick in the photo and the word “Burning Vengeance” is written in that script. When people did not understand why the word “Burning Vengeance” has been written in the script of the video, people started asking about it by commenting on Darian Vorlick’s tweet.

In response to people’s questions, the official Twitter handle of Clash of Clans gave a strange reply which you can see in the tweet given below. The hint of the upcoming super troop is hidden in this tweet by COC.

If you look at the above tweet, then it is written in it that a burning thing is coming from the sky. This hint could mean that an air troop emits fire. Currently, COC has 2 troops that emit fire, which include Baby Dragon and Dragon, although the super version of Baby Dragon has already arrived, which means that we may get to see Super Dragon in the winter update.

What do you think this hint could mean? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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