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Cocoa Cookie Coming Soon in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you play Cookie Run Kingdom game then this article is very important for you because in this article we will talk about a hint given by the Cookie Run Kingdom which indicates that Cocoa cookie is coming soon in the game.

This hint of Cocoa cookie is given by the official Twitter account of Cookie Run Kingdom. Actually, recently a poster has been dropped on the official Twitter account of the game, which you can see in the Twitter image given below.

This poster is of brand new skins of cookies and all the skins of cookies present in this poster are coming soon in the game. Actually, a hint of Cocoa cookie is also hidden in this poster of skins, but before that hint, let us tell you about the brand new skins of other cookies present in the poster.

If we zoom in on this poster, we will see Hollyberry cookie on the left-hand side with its brand new costume. This costume of Hollyberry is going to be epic because the design of this costume is awesome and Hollyberry is looking stunning in this costume.

On the right-hand side of the poster, we can see Custard cookie III who is wearing his typical vanilla kingdom dress. The costume of Custard cookie III isn’t as cool as the Hollyberry cookie, but it’s an average costume nonetheless.

The Mint Choco cookie is visible next to Custard cookie III. The Mint Choco Cookie is looking very clean as always. Although the costume of Mint Choco cookie is simple but still this simple costume looks good.

If we look between Mint Choco cookie and Hollyberry cookie, then we get to see a cookie there. Although half of that cookie is hidden behind the curtain, but the shadow of that cookie hidden behind the curtain makes it appear that it is a Cocoa cookie.

If you compare this image of the Cocoa cookie given above with the shadow of the cookie seen between the Mint Choco cookie and the Hollyberry cookie in the official poster, then you will easily understand that the shadow of the cookie seen in the poster is of Cocoa cookie.

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