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COD Mobile 2022 Season 1 New Beginning, New Characters, Weapons, Maps, Scorestreaks, and Everything You Need to Know

Season 1 is coming back on COD Mobile, yes you heard it right. If you have been playing COD Mobile for a long time, then you must have been aware that the season count of COD Mobile also gets refreshed as soon as the New Year starts. Just like last time, this time also in 2022 the season count of COD Mobile will be refreshed i.e. the upcoming season of the game is going to be season 1.

Like every time, this time also data miners have come out with many details and leaks related to the first season coming in 2022, and in this article, we will talk about all those leaks.

COD Mobile 2022 Season 1 New Maps

It is obvious that in every single season of COD Mobile, we get to see new multiplayer maps and in season 1 of 2022, we will also get to see brand new multiplayer maps. Recently, a total of 3 new multiplayer maps Hard hat, Hacienda, and Chinese Nuketown has been spotted in the Chinese private beta test version of COD Mobile. Hard hat and Hacienda may appear in season 1 of the global version out of the three maps spotted on the Chinese version as it looks like the Chinese Nuketown map is exclusive to the Chinese version.

COD Mobile 2022 Season 1 New Scorestreaks

In season 1 of 2022, we can also get to see the brand new Scorestreaks named Chopper Gunner. Players believe that Chopper Gunner Scorestreaks will perform even better than the VTOL gunship Scorestreaks. If you do not know about Chopper Gunner Scoresreaks, then let us tell you that Chopper Gunner Scorestreaks is already available in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Using Chopper Gunner Scorestreaks, you can summon a Chopper and you can control that Chopper yourself and shoot bullets at the opponent. You can control Chopper Gunner in the same way as you control VTOL gunship.

COD Mobile 2022 Season 1 New Weapons

According to the news given by the data miners, we are going to see 2 new primary guns in season 1 of 2022, The first new gun to appear in season 1 is Kilo 141 which is a fully-automatic assault rifle and the second gun is the PPSh41 which is a Russian submachine gun. The mythic blueprints of either of the two new guns can also be seen in season 1.

COD Mobile 2022 Season 1 New Characters

According to the data miners, we are going to see a legendary female character in season 1, although at the moment the detailed information about that female character has not been revealed.

This was the information about season 1 of COD Mobile coming in 2022. Are you excited about the brand new season 1? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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