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Pokemon Unite Blaziken, Gallade, Wobbuffet Release Date

If you play Pokemon Unite regularly, then you must have been aware that currently there are a lot of Pokemon available in Pokemon Unite, and every month 3 brand new Pokemon are released in the game by the developers.

Recently 2 new Pokemon Tsareena and Dragonite were released in Pokemon Unite and the players also liked both these Pokemon very much, but now the time has come to talk about the upcoming Pokemon of the game.

At the moment, the discussion is gaining momentum in the Pokemon Unite community that the upcoming Pokemon of Pokemon Unite can be Blaziken, Gallade, Wobbuffet, because a long time ago a post was made by Pokemon Unite’s official social media account in which 6 Pokemon were present and the audience had to choose their favorite Pokemon from all those 6 Pokemon. Out of the 6 Pokemon presented in the official post, Decidueye, Tsareena, and Dragonite have already entered the game i.e. Gallade, Wobbuffet and Blaziken are the upcoming Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Blaziken, Gallade, Wobbuffet

Apart from the official post made by Pokemon Unite, the hints given by the developers also clearly suggest that the upcoming Pokemon of the game could be Blaziken, Gallade, and Wobbuffet, because at present we are getting to see Wobbuffet’s Balloons in Shivre City. Wobbuffet’s balloons in Shivre City have also led a lot of people to believe that out of the three upcoming Pokemon in the game, Wobbuffet is the first to be released.

However, at the moment no information has been given from the developers about the release date of Blaziken, Gallade, and Wobbuffet Pokemon, but on the basis of one fact, we can predict what could be the release date of Blaziken, Gallade, and Wobbuffet.

The first Pokemon in Pokemon Unite came on 29 September 2021 which was Mamoswine and exactly 7 days after that i.e. on 6 October 2021 Sylveon was released and exactly 14 days after that i.e. on 20 October 2021 Greedent was launched. There were 3 Pokemon in the first batch which was released in 21 days.

A gap of 30 days was seen after the launch of Greedent and 30 days later Decidueye was released on 19 November 2021, exactly 19 days after Decidueye i.e. on 8 December, Tsareena was launched, and exactly 12 days after Tsareena i.e. on 20 December Dragonite was launched. There were also 3 Pokemon in the second batch which were released in 31 days.

If we predict keeping in mind the release date of all 6 Pokemon present in these two batches, then between January 9 to January 15, the first Pokemon of the third batch can be released which can be Wobbuffet, the second Pokemon may be released between January 16 to January 22, which may be Gallade and between January 23 and January 29, the third Pokemon can be released, which can be Blaziken.

This was the prediction of the release date of Blaziken, Gallade, and Wobbuffet, if you want, you can share your prediction in the comment box below.

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