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Pokemon Unite Dragonite Abilities and Release Date

The Pokemon Unite community is currently the most hyped for the game’s upcoming pokemon Dragonite. Dragonite is a very powerful pokemon and there’s no doubt that Dragonite’s power has fueled the hype of this pokemon among players. Recently some leaks related to Dragonite’s ability have come to the fore and in this article, we will give information about those same leaks of Dragonite.

Dragonite Moveset

Dragon Breath

Using this ability, the Dragonite will shoot fire out of its mouth, and if that fire hits an opponent’s pokemon, the Dragonite’s next attack will be boosted.

Hyper Beam

Using this ability, Dragonite fires a beem at the opponent in a straight line. Hyper Beam will deliver damage corresponding to HP levels to the opponent, and when Hyper Beam hits the opponent, the opponent will go numb for a while.

Dragon Dance

Using Dragon Dance will temporarily slow down the opponent’s movement speed, and this ability will throw the opponent.


Each of your next attacks will become boosted when you use the Outrage ability. When the effect of the outrage attack wears off, your opponent will be numb for a while.

Dragonite Unite Move: Draco Impact

Using the Dragonite’s Unite move, the Dragonite will go up in the air and throw comets at the opponent by coming down. Your Dragonite will be unstoppable when you perform Dragonite’s Unite move.

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Release Date

This was the information about Dragonite’s moves that have come out of recent leaks. Now another question must also be coming to your mind that what is going to be the release date of Dragonite? It has been officially revealed by the developer of Pokemon Unite that Dragonite will be entering the game on December 20th during the Holiday Festivities event.

Did you like Dragonite’s ability? Are you excited about Dragonite? Do tell your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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