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Free Fire: Top 5 Best Female Characters

Currently, there are many battle royale games available on the mobile platform but Free Fire has the biggest player base out of all those games. There are many reasons behind this massive success of Free Fire, but one of them is the characters present in this game.

Actually, there are many characters present in Free Fire and all those characters have their different abilities, This feature of Free Fire is very much liked by the players because this ability of the characters gives the players an edge during the match.

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Currently, there is a huge collection of different characters in Free Fire, due to which many players get confused as to which character they should choose. If you are also confused that which are the best characters of Free Fire, then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about top 5 best female characters of Free Fire.

5. Notora Character

Free Fire Notora Character

Notora is a very useful character and if you drive a lot during the match, then the Notora character is just for you. Actually you can also call Notora a healer because this character works to increase your HP. Notora’s ability will be activated when you sit in the vehicle and after the ability is activated, Notora will start increasing your HP. If your teammate is also sitting in the car with you, then the ability of your teammate will also start increasing.

4. Caroline Character

Free Fire Caroline Character

If you use shot guns a lot, then this character is absolutely for you because this character’s ability works only with shot guns. Actually, with the Caroline character, whenever you hold the shot gun, your movement speed will increase by 8%. Let us tell you that this ability of Caroline only works on all types of shot guns. If you like playing Clash Squad mode, then Caroline’s ability will come in handy.

3. Laura Character

Free Fire Laura Character

If you face difficulties in shooting head shots with sniper guns in the game then Laura Character is absolutely for you. Actually Laura Character increases your accuracy by 35%, which will make it very easy for you to aim perfect. However, the Laura character’s ability will only work if you have scope open.

2. Kapella Character

Free Fire Kapella Character

We can also keep the Kapella character in the category of Hiller because this character gives you extra HP. Actually, whenever you use a Medkit with a Kapella character, Kapella will increase the HP from that Medkit by 20%. As an example, in Free Fire, each Medkit provides 75 HP, but due to Kapella’s ability, each Medkit will provide 90 HP. When your teammate is down, that teammate’s HP loss will be reduced by 20% due to Kapella’s ability.

1. Kelly Character

Free Fire Kelly Character

Kelly is a character that is used by everyone from popular YouTubers to players playing esports tournaments. Most of the players use Kelly character because Kelly is a powerful character. Actually, with the help of Kelly character, you can increase your sprinting speed by up to 6%.

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