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The Most Useful Items In Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you are a Nintendo Switch user then today is going to be very special for you because the most awaited pokemon game Pokemon Legends Arceus has been released today. If you have already started playing the game then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about some items present in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game which is very important for you because these items will make your journey easier.

Before talking about the most useful items present in Pokemon Legends Arceus game, we will tell you how you can upgrade your general store, because to keep the items recommended in this article, you will have to upgrade your general store. The more you upgrade your store, the more items you will be able to keep in store.

Upgrade The Store

To upgrade the general store, you have to go to the headquarters. After going to the headquarters, you have to go to the basement where you will find an old man named Tao Hua. Tao Hua is a helpful old man, and if you help Tao Hua, he’ll help you upgrade your general store in return.

Seed of Mastery

Seed of Mastery is one such item which will save a lot of your time. There are tons of moves available in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and you master those moves when you use those moves or your pokemon is leveled up. However, there is also an easier way to master the moves and that method is Seed of Mastery. Actually, the game has a pokemon moves expert named Zisu and with the help of Zisu you can teach new moves to any of your pokemon or you can even make them master in any of the moves, although Zisu will help you only if you give her Seed of Mastery.

Pinap Berry

Pinap Berry is an ultra useful berry because with the help of this berry you can get more XP. To get more XP you have to throw Pinap Berry to the pokemon you want to capture or defeat, When that pokemon eats that berry, you have to defeat or capture that pokemon, after which you will get more XP. You can increase XP from Pinap Berry and with the help of this berry you can also increase the HP of your pokemon by one third.

Cheri Berry

Cheri Berry will be of great use to you in the journey of Pokemon Legends Arceus. Actually Cheri Berry will cure your pokemon which are unable to move due to paralysis. Along with the cure, you can also use Cheri Berry to attract pokemon on the field. When you throw Cheri Berry to a nearby pokemon, that pokemon will eat that Cheri Berry and then you will be able to easily add that pokemon to your pokedex.

Balls of Mud/Spoiled Apricorns

You can cure and attract pokemon with Cheri Berry, but Balls of Mud works just the opposite of Cheri Berry. Actually, Balls of Mud lets you stun pokemon and drive them away. Actually, you’ll also find plenty of pokemon on your journey that will attack you when you get closer to them, although to deal with that situation, you can stun the attacking pokemon for a while with Balls of Mud. So that you get a chance to get out of there. Spoiled Apricorns also work in the same way as Balls of Mud.


Every pokemon game is incomplete without pokeball because pokeball is the only thing using which you are able to capture any pokemon and keep them with you. In the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, you also need to have enough pokeballs. Your main objective in this game is to complete the pokedex for which you will have to catch different pokemons and to capture those pokemon you will need many different pokeballs.

Stealth Spray

The real fun of playing any pokemon game comes when we try to catch our favorite pokemon. You can also capture new pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus game, although catching a pokemon in this game is not easy at all. Actually, whenever you go near a pokemon to catch it, that pokemon will run away after hearing your footsteps, although its solution is Stealth Spray. When you use Stealth Spray, the sound of your footsteps will not reach the pokemon at all and you will be able to capture your favorite pokemon very easily.

Plump Beans

It’s hard to catch any pokemon in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game and if that pokemon is a flying type or a water dweller, then catching that pokemon becomes an even more difficult task. Actually flying and water dweller pokemon reflect your thrown pokeball very easily, but you can catch these pokemon very easily with the help of Plump Beans.

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