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Elden Ring: How To Build An Archer | How To Play As An Archer In Elden Ring

If you want to play as an archer in Elden Ring then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can play as a pure archer in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Class Selection For Archer

To play the Elden Ring game, first you have to choose a character, to play the game as an archer, you have to choose a character from Bandit or Samurai. If we talk about Keepsake, then in Keepsake you have to choose Golden Seed.

Elden Ring: How To Craft Arrow And Where To Find Them?

It is obvious that if you want to be an archer in Elden Ring then you will need a lot of arrows. Arrows are a consumable item because of which you will have to keep crafting arrows. To craft basic arrows, you can buy a recipe book and crafting kit from the merchant. You can get arrows by hunting animals and apart from that, you can also buy arrows from vendors through runes. You have to defeat bosses and enemies to get runes.

Elden Ring: Archer Attributes

If you want to play the game as an archer, then you have to increase your Vigor to at least 15 in starting because you are going to get a lot of damage in this game. After Vigor, your next priority should be Dexterity because by increasing Dexterity to at least 20 in starting, you will be able to deliver more damage. If you just want to do archery, then you will also need stamina, for which you will have to increase your endurance by 10.

At the beginning, you’ll need to upgrade your bow to 3+ as fast as you can because by updating the bow you will be able to deliver more damage. You will need Smithing Stones to upgrade your bow and you can visit Storm Hill to get Smithing Stones. In storm hill you will get to see many stones which you can break with the help of huge creatures present in storm hill. Actually, when you bring huge creatures near the stone, then their attack will break the stone, after which you can collect the stone. You can also find Smithing Stones in the tunnels present in the mine area.

Elden Ring: How To Play As An Archer

You can use 2 types of bows in the game, which include longbow and shortbow.


Longbow gives you log range and with the help of longbow you can deliver more damage to enemies. Mighty shots of longbow will be of most use to you when you want to kill a single enemy from a long distance.


You will use 60 to 70 percent shortbow while playing the game because just like any sniper rifle the longbow is designed to deliver more damage over long range. You can use shortbow for multiple enemies and close combat. You can also use barrage ability in shortbow. Barrage is an ability using which you can shoot arrows continuously, just like an assault rifle. However, by using barrage, you cannot inflict much damage on enemies, that is why you should use barrage only if you want to infect your enemies with poison.

Use mighty shots to deliver more damage and barrage for status effects.

Elden Ring: How To Combat Using Long Bow And Short Bow?

You have to use both your bows while fighting. With the help of the longbow, you can engage the enemy and when the enemy comes near you to attack you, you have to use your shortbow. The shortbow has the ability to shoot arrows very quickly, due to which with the help of shortbow you will be able to take down enemies much faster.

While combating, keep in mind that you do not have to stand at one place and shoot arrows because if you stand at one place and shoot arrows at the enemy, then the enemy will get a chance to attack you. While combating with the bow, you have to make constant moves so that the enemy cannot attack you.

You can also create your own combos for effective combat. To deliver more damage to the enemies, you have to shoot the arrows by jumping and when you land on the ground after jumping, you have to shoot another arrow immediately. Like jump and shoot, you can also use combos like roll and shoot and sprint and shoot.

Final Tips

  • You always have to carry different types of arrows with you, which will reduce the chances of you running out of arrows while in combat.
  • You need to get things that increase your stamina because when you fight with a bow you will have to do a lot of movement and you need the stamina to do a lot of movement.
  • When you’re fighting enemies with a shortbow, you shouldn’t be afraid to get close to enemies because you will be able to deliver more damage by using the shortbow at close range. To fight close to enemies, you will have to be agile and you will be able to learn this skill with practice.

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