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Horizon Forbidden West: All 10 Survey Drone Locations

Horizon Forbidden West is a game in which you will face advanced technology and robots every step. In this game, you can use the technology and robots around you to your advantage. Although there are many robots in this game, but in this article, we will tell you about Survey Drone.

The Survey Drone present in the game is a robot that can prove to be very useful for you because if you connect the module present in all Survey Drone with the terminal present in the room of GAIA then the display of the room inside the dome will change.

In the entire Horizon Forbidden West game, you will only get to see 10 Survey Drones and if you want, you can capture all these drones very easily. To capture Survey Drones, you’ll have to explore the main storyline of Horizon Forbidden West a bit, because you won’t be able to capture Survey Drones until you’ve completed the 5th mission of the main storyline, “Death’s Door”.

When you complete the Death’s Door mission, you’ll get access to capturing Survey Drones, although capturing Survey Drones isn’t as difficult as finding the location of Survey Drones. Total 10 Survey Drones present in the game you will get to see in different biomes of the game due to which finding these drones becomes a bit challenging task, although you can complete this challenging task very easily with the help of this article because in this article we will tell you the location of all 10 Survey Drones.

Horizon Forbidden West All Survey Drone Locations

  1. Survey Drone: No Man’s Land (Module 024)
  2. Survey Drone: Plainsong (Module 047)
  3. Survey Drone: The Dry Yearn (Module 143)
  4. Survey Drone: The Greenswell (Module 287)
  5. Survey Drone: The Stillstands (Module 367)
  6. Survey Drone: Thornmarsh (Module 549)
  7. Survey Drone: The Graypeak (Module 678)
  8. Survey Drone: Stand of the Sentinels (Module 398)
  9. Survey Drone: The Sheerside Mountains (Module 739)
  10. Survey Drone: Isle of Spires (Module 863)

You will get to see Survey Drones at all these locations. Now this question must be coming to your mind that how to capture these Survey Drones? Capturing Survey Drones is a very easy task.

How to capture Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West?

You do not need any weapons or equipment to catch Survey Drones because you can capture Survey Drones just by jumping. When Survey Drone is flying, then you have to jump on that Survey Drone by climbing to a high place, as soon as you jump and catch the Survey Drone, then that Drone will start coming down from the weight of Aloy. As soon as the drone comes down and crashes, you can remove the module of that drone.

In this way, you will be able to capture all 10 Survey Drones present in the Horizon Forbidden West game. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to gaming, then you can subscribe to our website.


After collecting the modules of all Survival Drones you have to return to your base and go to the room of GAIA. You have to connect the modules to the PSiCLOPS console in GAIA’s room. As soon as the connection is established, The image of that region will be projected inside the dome, the region whose drone module you have connected PSiCLOPS console to.

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