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Pokemon Unite: Upcoming 5 Pokemon, Clefable, Krookodile, Blaziken, Moltres Expected Release Date

If you play Pokemon Unite game and want to know about upcoming pokemon in the game then this article is for you because In this article, we will tell you about the upcoming 5 expected pokemon of Pokemon Unite and we will also tell you the expected release dates of those five pokemon.

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1. Clefable

The developers have confirmed that a new supporter pokemon is going to be released in Pokemon Unite in February 2022 but have not given details of who that supporter pokemon will be. Looking at the move of the supporter pokemon in the upper image, it seems that the upcoming supporter pokemon may be Clefable.

Pokemon Unite’s upcoming supporter pokemon may be released on February 24th or 25th and it’s very likely that Clefable will be that supporter pokemon.

2. Krookodile

It has also been confirmed by the developers that the pokemon coming after the supporter pokemon will be of the attacker category. According to some hints and leaks, the upcoming attacker pokemon of Pokemon Unite could be Krookodile.

Pokemon Unite’s upcoming attacker pokemon may be released in the second week of March 2022 and it’s very likely that Krookodile will be that supporter pokemon.

3. Blaziken

The third upcoming pokemon of Pokemon Unite could be Blaziken because the discussion about Blaziken has been going on in the community of Pokemon Unite for a long time and the players are also eagerly waiting for Blaziken. It is possible that Blaziken will be put in the attacker category because the abilities of the Blaziken pokemon indicates that it may be an attacker pokemon.

The third upcoming pokemon of pokemon Unite could be Blaziken and this pokemon could be released in the third week of April 2022.

4. Speedster

The fourth upcoming pokemon of Pokemon Unite can be of the speedster category because no speedster category pokemon has been released in Pokemon Unite for a long time. At the moment there is no information available about who will be the fourth pokemon but this fourth upcoming pokemon will be released in May 2022.

5. Moltres

At present, the winter season is going on in Pokemon Unite and is almost on the verge of being over i.e. the upcoming season of the game is going to be summer. Just as we got to see Articuno in the winter season, similarly we can get to see Moltres in the summer season.

These were the 5 pokemon that can appear in Pokemon Unite. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to Pokemon Unite, then you can subscribe to our website.

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