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Elden Ring: How To Get Godfrey Icon Talisman | Elden Ring: Godfrey Icon Talisman Location

There are many Talismans in the Elden Ring game, but some of them are so powerful that they increase your power too much. If you are also in search of such a Talisman who can give you unbelievable power, then Godfrey Icon Talisman is for you.

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Elden Ring: Godfrey Icon Talisman Details

Godfrey Icon is such a Talisman, with the help of which you increase the charge attack power of your sorceries, incantation, and skills, due to which you can deliver more damage to enemies. If you use a powerful spell, like Comet Azur or Loretta’s Mastery, then you can take the maximum advantage of Godfrey Icon Talisman. If we talk about the sale value, then if you sell Godfrey Icon Talisman then you will get 1000 runes.

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How To Get Godfrey Icon Talisman?

If you want to get Godfrey Icon Talisman, then you have to go to a place called Golden Lineage Evergaol present in Altus Plateau region. You can also use Grand Lift of Dectus to get to the Golden Lineage Evergaol location, however, you’ll need both the left and right parts of the Dectus Medallion to use Grand Lift of Dectus. If you do not have both the parts of Dectus Medallion then you can get this information from the video below that how to get both parts of Dectus Medallion.

After entering Golden Lineage Evergaol, you’ll have to defeat a boss there named Godefroy The Grafted. You have to defeat Godefroy The Grafted boss to get Godfrey Icon Talisman ​because you will only get Godfrey Icon Talisman after defeating Godefroy The Grafted boss.

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In this way you can get Godfrey Icon Talisman. You can watch the video above for Godfrey Icon Talisman’s visual guide.

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