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Elden Ring: How To Cure Scarlet Rot & Poison | How To Get Rid Of Scarlet Rot & Poison In Elden Ring

If you have been playing the Elden Ring game for a long time, then you must have been infected with Scarlet Rot and Poison at some point because there are many such enemies in Elden Ring who can infect you with Scarlet Rot and Poison. Scarlet Rot and Poison are very dangerous because both of them keep reducing the health of your character for a certain time, if the infection is not treated then sometimes this infection also takes the life of the character.

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If your character gets infected with Scarlet Rot and Poison and you are looking for a cure for this infection, then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how to get rid of Scarlet Rot and Poison.

Elden Ring: Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation Details

If your character is infected with Scarlet Rot and Poison, the easiest way to cure that infection is through Flame, Cleanse Me incantation. Using the Flame, Cleanse Me incantation, your character uses the flame to cure himself of Scarlet Rot and Poison. Flame, Cleanse Me incantation burns all kinds of toxins, thereby freeing your character from all kinds of toxins.

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One of the special features of Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation, is that this incantation not only cures all kinds of toxins but at the same time this incantation also cures frostbite which is a very good thing.

Elden Ring: Where To Find Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation?

If you want to get Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation, then you have to go to the Fire Monk camp in the southeast of the Church of Vows. When you reach the Fire Monk camp, you will get to see a corpse there, which will get you Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation if you loot it.

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In this way you can get Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation. Did you like Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation? Do tell your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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