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Pokemon Unite: Delphox And Espeon Expected Release Date, Skills, Evolution, And Price Leaked By Data Miners

If you play the Pokemon Unite game and follow the news related to Pokemon Unite, then you must have come to know that recently an authentic data miner has leaked 2 new pokemon which could be upcoming pokemon of the game.

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Recently a very big and authentic leaker of Pokemon Unite @ElChicoEevee has shared this information on his Twitter handle that Delphox and Espeon are going to be the upcoming Pokemon of Pokemon Unite. @ElChicoEevee also shared images of Delphox and Espeon’s skills on his Twitter handle.

Pokemon Unite: Delphox And Espeon Skills

Pokemon Unite: Delphox And Espeon Evolution

If we talk about the evolution of Espeon, then when Eevee reaches level 4 then Eevee will turn into the Espeon. The evolution of Delphox takes place in three stages, Fennekin turns into Braixen when Fennekin reaches level 4, and when Braixen reaches level 6 Braixen turns into Delphox.

Pokemon Unite: Delphox And Espeon Release Date

After knowing about the skills and evolution of Delphox and Espeon, now the question must be coming in your mind that when will these two pokemon’s entry in the game i.e. when these two pokemon are going to be released?

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Data miners shared an image on Twitter that shows the release dates of Delphox and Espeon. According to the image, the release date of Delphox is 09-06-2022 and the release date of Espeon is 16-05-2022.

Pokemon Unite: Delphox And Espeon Price

Along with the release date, data miners have also leaked the prices of Delphox and Espeon, according to which you will need 10,000 Coins or 575 Gems to buy Delphox and Espeon.

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These were the complete details of Pokemon Unite’s upcoming pokemon Delphox and Espeon. Are you excited about these two pokemon? Do tell your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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