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Pokemon Unite: Delphox Released Date | Is Delphox Coming In Pokemon Unite?

If you are playing Pokemon Unite game and are excited about the upcoming pokemon of the game then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you whether Delphox will be the upcoming pokemon of Pokemon Unite or not.

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If you follow the news related to Pokemon Unite, then you must have been aware that a few days ago an image of Delphox’s gameplay went viral. That image of Delphox’s gameplay seemed too realistic, due to which everyone was convinced that that image was true, but recently it has been revealed that that image of Delphox’s gameplay was fake. The creator who created the image of Delphox’s gameplay has revealed that the image is fake.

After the image of Delphox’s gameplay went viral, there was a lot of hype about Delphox in the Pokemon Unite community, but now that it has been revealed that the image was fake, many players have been saddened. However, after this incident, the question is now coming in the mind of many Pokemon Unite players whether Delphox is going to come to Pokemon Unite or not?

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Apart from the fake image of Delphox, no authentic leak or official news has come out about Delphox, due to which it is difficult to tell whether Delphox will come in the game or not. But looking at the current situation, it looks like the chances of Delphox coming to Pokemon Unite are slim at the moment.

It is possible that Delphox will join Pokemon Unite in the future, but for now you should not expect that the upcoming Pokemon of Pokemon Unite will be Delphox.

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Which do you think will be the upcoming pokemon of Pokemon Unite? Do share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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