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Rune Factory 5: Best Lumber & Material Stone Farm | Lumber & Material Stone Farm In Rune Factory 5

If you are playing Rune Factory 5 game then this article will prove to be very important for you because in this article we will tell you how you can get infinite lumber and material stone through a glitch. You won’t need a lot of resources to get infinite lumber and material stones. All you need is a hammer and an ax to perform this glitch.

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To perform this glitch, you have to find the particular lumber and the particular stone. If you do not know, then let us tell you that if you hit any stone and lumber 9 times with your weapon, then that lumber and stone will be broken, although you have to hit only 8 times on the lumber and stone you have found, because you don’t have to break that lumber or stone.

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After hitting lumber and stone 8 times you have to go back to your dragon area because when you go back to your dragon area the lumber and stone you hit 8 times will be reset. After reset, you have to hit the same lumber and stone once again 8 times and come back to your dragon area. As long as you keep repeating this process, you will keep getting lumber and material stones.

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By using this infinite loop you can get infinite quantity of lumber and material stone. There is no doubt that this process is very easy and with the help of this process you will be able to get lumber and stone in infinite amounts but it is also true that this process is a bit boring and slow. If you do not have any problem with this slow process, then this process will give you infinite lumber and material stone.

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This is how ​you can get infinite lumber and material stone in Rune Factory 5 game using glitch. Did you like this technique of getting lumber and material stones? Do tell your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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