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Battlefield 2042: How To Get Objective, Wingman, Combat, Logistics, And Intel Ribbon Faster | Battlefield 2042: How To Get All 5 Ribbon Faster

If you play Battlefield 2042 game then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you will be able to get Objective, Wingman, Combat, Logistics, and Intel Ribbon faster in Battlefield 2042.

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When you reach tier 3 with all ribbons, then you will get all ribbons.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Objective Ribbon?

To get Objective Ribbon, you have to play Objective. If you want to get Objective Ribbon then you have to capture, defend and hold your objectives. You have to capture as many objectives as you can and the early game proves to be the best to capture more objectives because the objectives are neutral in the early game. You have to use this strategy until you reach tier 3.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Wingman Ribbon?

There are 2 ways to get Wingman Ribbon fast, the first way is to revive your teammates and the second way is to assist your teammates. If we talk about revive, then you have to revive your teammates as many times as possible, and to do this you can use the Maria Falck operator because Maria Falck is a skilled Medic. When you revive your teammates, your tier will increase and you will get a lot of XP along with it.

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To assist your teammates, you have to shoot and hit enemies and let your teammates finish them. You can use Prox Sensor Grenade and Casper’s EMP Drone to assist your team.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Logistics Ribbon?

If you want to get the Logistics Ribbon, you will have to repair the vehicles, and heal and resupply others. You can throw your medical crate to heal your teammates. You can throw ammo or other gadgets at your teammates for resupply so that your teammates will use that ammo and gadgets and you will be able to reach tier 3 as quickly as possible. The easiest way to get Logistics Ribbon faster is by repairing vehicles.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Intel Ribbon?

To get to the Intel Ribbon faster, you’ll have to spot and disrupt enemies. You can throw EMP grenades at tanks, helicopters, and infantry to disrupt enemies. You can use a helicopter or a tank to spot enemies. You can also use the Sensor Array, DysTek Pulse Meter, Prox Sensor Grenade, and Operator Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone to spot enemies.

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Battlefield 2042: How To Get Combat Ribbon?

You’ll get Combat Ribbon when you kill and destroy vehicles. There is no shortcut to killing enemies, with the help of the weapon you are confident in wielding, you have to do a lot of kills, if you want you can also use a helicopter for kills. You can use a tank and helicopter to destroy vehicles because it is easy to destroy vehicles with the help of a tank and helicopter.

That’s how you can quickly get all five Ribbons in Battlefield 2042.

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