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How To Get/Unlock Loba In Apex Legends Mobile

How To Get/Unlock Loba In Apex Legends Mobile

How To Get/Unlock Loba In Apex Legends Mobile
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If you are playing Apex Legends Mobile game then there is great news for you that now you can finally unlock the brand new female legend Loba. At present, you can get Loba in 2 easy ways but if you do not know about both those methods then this article is for you because in this article we will give you detailed information about both the ways to get Loba.

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How To Get Loba Legend In Apex Legends

At present, you can get Loba in 2 ways out of which the first method is permanent but the second method is not permanent.

1st Method

The first and easiest way to get Loba in Apex Legends Mobile is through Syndicate Gold. If you have 750 Syndicate Gold then you can get Loba very easily because currently the cost to unlock Loba is 750 Syndicate Gold. There’s no doubt that Syndicate Gold is the easiest way to unlock Loba, but not everyone has that much Syndicate Gold. If you also lack Syndicate Gold or don’t want to spend Syndicate Gold to unlock Loba, you can use the second method.

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2nd Method

The second way to get Loba is through Loba Fragment i.e you will be able to unlock Loba via Loba Fragments, however, this method is not permanent as you will be able to unlock Loba through ‘Loba Fragment’ only as long as the current battle pass is running. To get Loba, you’ll need 10 Loba Fragments which you can get from the current batte pass. On level 1 of battle pass you will get 2 Loba Fragments, apart from that you will get 2 Loba Fragments on level 9,13, 17, and 25 of battle pass as well, which means you will get total 10 Loba Fragments.

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To quickly unlock all 10 Loba Fragments present in the battle pass, you have to complete all daily and weekly missions.

This is how you will be able to unlock Loba in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you like Loba? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the below comment box.

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