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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Blue Gem (Aquamarine) | Where To Find Blue Gem (Aquamarine) In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim game full of adventure in which you’ll have to find a lot of things and craft a lot to progress, and that’s why you’ll have to do a lot of exploration and foraging in this game. During exploration and foraging, you will find many things out of which some things will be normal and some things will be rare, ​some things will have very less value while some things will have very high value.

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In the process of collecting things, you will also get Gems, whose value is much more than the rare things. Gems are one of the most valuable things in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game because you can get lots of coins by exchanging gems at Goofy’s stalls. If you do not know, then let us tell you that there are total 18 gems in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game, whose rarity and value are different.

Although there are 18 gems in this game but in this article, we will talk about only two gems of blue color which are named Aquamarine and Shiny Aquamarine. If we talk about value and rarity then Shiny Aquamarine has more value and rarity than Aquamarine because when you sell Aquamarine gem you will get 250 Star Coins and when you sell Shiny Aquamarine gem you will get 1000 Star Coins.

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If you do not know how to get Aquamarine gem then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about how you will be able to get Aquamarine gem.

How to Get Aquamarine Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Because Aquamarine is a rare gem that’s why you will find this gem in only two locations throughout the Disney Dreamlight Valley map and those locations are Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor. If you haven’t unlocked the Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor locations yet, you’ll need to talk to Merlin to unlock both, although you’ll need Dreamlight to unlock both locations. You’ll need a total of 1000 Dreamlights to unlock Dazzle Beach, and you’ll need a total of 5000 Dreamlights to unlock Forest of Valor.

To get the Aquamarine gem, you’ll have to find big black-colored rocks on the sides of the mountains in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor, which are called gem ore blocks because those gem ore rocks will give you the Aquamarine gem.

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You have to mine gem ore rocks with the help of your pickaxe, after which you will get Aquamarine gem. The thing to note here is that you will not get Aquamarine gem from all gem ore rock because the drop rate of Aquamarine gem is less. If you want to increase your chances of getting Aquamarine gem then you should also bring Maui with you for mining gem ore rock as Maui is assigned mining bonus due to which Maui will increase the drop rate of Aquamarine gem.

This is how you can get the Aquamarine gem in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. Did you like the information given in this article? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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