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League of Legends Wild Rift: Lillia Expected Release Date | When Will Lillia Be Released In League of Legends Wild Rift?

When Will Lillia Be Released In League of Legends Wild Rift?

League of Legends Wild Rift
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If you are a League of Legends Wild Rift player and you are waiting for Lillia legend to come in the game then this article is for you, because in this article we will try to predict when Lillia will be released in League of Legends Wild Rift.

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Recently Riot teased Lillia in patch 3.5 of League of Legends Wild Rift. If you do not know about Lillia then let us tell you that Lillia is a fighter category champion whose half body is of a woman and half of her body is of a deer.

If we talk about Lillia’s powers, then Lillia has powers like dream-laden bough, Blooming Blows, Watch out! epp!, Swirlseed, and Liliting Lullaby.

dream-laden bough

dream-laden bough is a passive ability that deals additional damage to opponents and monsters for 3 seconds when Lillia hits opponents or monsters with a skill.

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Blooming Blows

Blooming Blows is both an active ability and a passive ability.

Active: When you hit enemies with Blooming Blows, enemies will take magic damage.

Passive: When you use the Blooming Blows ability on enemies, Lillia’s movement speed will be increased for a short time.

Watch out! app!

Watch out! app! is an active ability, using which Lillia will deliver damage in her nearby area. the damage effect will be higher in the center of the area.


Swirlseed is an active ability under which Lillia will throw a seed, the enemy who will be hit by that seed will get damage and his speed will also slow down for some time. If the seed thrown by Lillia is dodged by the enemy or if the seed is not hit the enemy, then that seed will keep moving forward until it hits the wall or the target.

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Liliting Lullaby

Liliting Lullaby is an active ability that, when used Lillia will temporarily put enemies to sleep using Dream Dust, and when those enemies are awakened by force, they will get extra damage.

This was the complete information about all the abilities of Lillia, now if we talk about the release date of Lillia, then Riot has not revealed the official release date of Lillia, but according to the prediction, Lillia may be released in early December 2022 i.e. on 7 or 9 December.

Remember that this release date has been shared on the basis of predictions, that is, this release date is not official, due to which this release date can also be wrong.

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