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Mighty Miner Gets Reworked In Clash Royale's Latest Update

Mighty Miner Gets Reworked In Clash Royale's Latest Update

Mighty Miner Gets Reworked In Clash Royale's Latest Update
Image via: Supercell

If Mighty Miner is one of your favorite characters in Clash Royale or you use Mighty Miner more then this article is very important for you because in this article we will talk about the recent rework on Mighty Miner.

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On 22 December 2022, a post was made on the official Twitter handle of Clash Royale, in which information was given about the maintenance break as well as the update to be released in the game through the maintenance break.

Preparations for the next season, improvements in matchmaking, and minor bug fixing were done in the update, along with all these things, Mighty Miner was also reworked in the update, which is a surprising thing.

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If we talk about the rework done on Mighty Miner, under the December 2022 balance changes update, Mighty Miner’s HP has been increased by 5%, which is a very good thing for players using Mighty Miner, but along with the buff, the Mighty Miner has also received a slight nerf, under which the speed of the Mighty Miner has been reduced to medium, which used to be fast earlier.

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The decision to nerf Mighty Miner is considered unnecessary by many in the Clash Royale community because Mighty Miner is already an average champion, that is, not very powerful, and Mighty Miner’s pick rate is also low.

Do you welcome the decision taken by the developers to nerf Mighty Miner? What improvements do you want in Mighty Miner? You can share your answers to these questions by commenting in the comment box below.

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