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Diablo 4: How To Get A Horse For Ride | How To Get A Mount In Diablo 4

How To Get A Mount In Diablo 4

Diablo 4: How To Get A Horse For Ride
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Diablo 4 is the fourth main installment of the popular action role-playing dungeon crawler video game series Diablo, whose beta rollout has been done. The fantasy and dangerous world of Diablo 4 game is very vast and for this reason, the option of mount is also present in this game which is nothing less than a boon for the players.

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However, because the beta test of Diablo 4 is currently going on, due to which the option of mount is not available in the game at present, but whenever the game is fully released, players will definitely get to see mounts in the game.

When the game will be completely released and the mount feature will be enabled in the game, then many players may face problems in finding mounts because getting mounts in the game is a bit complicated and that is why in this article we will give you complete information about how to get mounts in the Diablo 4 game.

How To Find And Get Mounts In Diablo 4

To use the mount in the Diablo 4 game, you have to complete a particular quest which is “Mount: Donan’s Favor”. Mount: Donan’s Favor is a level 30 quest which means you must be level 30 or above to trigger the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest, moreover, this quest is only available in Act 2 and that’s why currently it is impossible to complete this quest in the beta phase of the game because the level cap for the beta test of the game is 25.

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When the game is fully released on June 6, 2023, then you have to reach your character’s level 30 or above in the game and then complete the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest, after which the mount feature will be enabled.

Now the question might be coming in your mind that which mounts will be there in the game? For now, information about only 2 confirmed mounts has been revealed, which are Temptation Mount and Light Bearer Mount. If we talk about Light Bearer Mount, then Light Bearer Mount will be available for those who have pre-ordered Diablo 4 and Temptation mount will be available for those who will buy Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game.

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Temptation Mount and Light Bearer Mount both are tremendous mounts and both these mounts will have armor which you will be able to equip on them.

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