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New State Mobile: Update 0.9.48 Patch Notes

New State Mobile: Update 0.9.48 Patch Notes

Image via: Krafton

Finally, the patch notes for the upcoming major update 0.9.48 of New State Mobile have been released. If you want to know complete details about patch notes of 0.9.48 update then this article is for you.

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(PUBG) New State Mobile: 0.9.48 Patch Notes Complete Details

Many new things have been introduced in the 0.9.48 update of New State Mobile and many things have been updated, whose information is described below.

New State Mobile: Ace League (Explained)

The biggest highlight of update 0.9.48 is Ace League. Ace League will open in every season when there are 12 days left for the season to end, meaning players will be able to compete with each other in Ace League in the second half of each season. In Ace League there will be two phases Preliminary Round and Main Round and all Battle Royale rules will be applicable in Ace League.

Preliminary round: Preliminary round will last for seven days in which to participate your tier should be above Diamond 5 i.e. your tier points should be above 3000. Players who win in the Preliminary round will get Main round tickets and Prestige coins.

Main round: You can play the Main round as many times as you want and earn Prestige coins. As a reward in the main round, you will get Prestige Coins and Ace League title. With the help of Prestige coins, you can buy different things from the Prestige Shop.

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Changes In Erangel Map

In the 0.9.48 update, the developers have made some changes to the “Avanpost Spot” present in the Erangel map, which you can see in the image below.

PUBG New State
Image via: Krafton

The developers have also made balance changes to the vehicles that spawn in Erangel, under which from now on, the Nova vehicle will appear instead of the Electron in Erangel, and in addition, the Lightning vehicle will also appear in Erangel.

Adjustment In Map Rotation Schedule

  • Station (RDM) and Exhibit Hall (TDM) will end in Deathmatch category.
  • Erangel Recruit and ARENA KA-BOOM!! Both the modes will be temporarily closed for improvements.

Changes In Deathmatch

Profile Frame and Frame Effect: Whenever the profile image is displayed during the Deathmatch, Profile Frame and Frame Effect will also be displayed along with it. The Profile Frame and Frame Effect will be displayed in the loading screen during Deathmatch, in the in-game score board, in the matches end score board, and in the bottom area of the deathcam.

Changes In Kill Count Objective: Due to the feedback from the players, the developers have increased the kill count objective in Deathmatch from 30 to 40.

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New Gun Customisations

AKM: AKM’s new C2 customization option double magazine has been added in the 0.9.48 update. After adding the double magazine, the magazine capacity of the gun has increased from 30 to 50 and the reload speed has decreased.

Graveyard (Siege) Returns With A Few Changes

After the 0.9.48 update, the map mode will change from squad to solo, apart from that android waves have also been revamped.

You will not be able to fix the inhibitor.

  • After the update, Frag Grenades will spawn around the inhibitor and Bandages will spawn at healing item spawn points.
  • If you use Molotov Cocktails then there is a sad news for you that Molotov Cocktails will not spawn after the update.

More Ranking Rewards have been added, the details of which are as follows:

  • #1: SR/DMR Token
  • #2 – 10: 30 Chicken Medals
  • #11 – 50: 10 Chicken Medals
  • #51 – 100: 5 Chicken Medals
  • Top 5%: 1 BP Box (L)

New Season Title Rewards

The titles ‘Most Kills’, ‘Most Chickens’, and ‘1st Place in Ace League’ have been added as new season title awards. The title will be awarded based on the total kill count and matches won in battle royale mode, The title will reset at the end of the season.

The top three players with the most kills and wins will be awarded respective titles as well as Prestige Coins which the players can spend at the Prestige Shop and get new items for themselves. Only Prestige Coins will be given to the other 97 players who get the most kills and wins.

Graphics Option Updates

The graphics have been optimized for iOS devices in the 0.9.48 update. After the update, FPS stability will be improved and heat and battery consumption issues will be reduced.

These were all the important details related to Update 0.9.48. If you want to read the official patch notes, you can click here.

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