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Clash of Clans Tier List (2023) | Clash of Clans All Characters Ranked

Clash of Clans Tier List

Clash of Clans
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Are you looking for tier list of Clash of Clans game? If your answer is yes then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about the tier list of the Clash of Clans game.

Clash of Clans Description

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy mobile games in which you can build your village, train troops, and attack other players' villages. If we talk about the release date, Clash of Clans was released on 2 August 2012 on Apple Appstore and on 7 October 2013 on Google Playstore. If we talk about the developer and publisher of Clash of Clans game, then Clash of Clans game has been developed and published by Finland-based famous mobile game development company Supercell. Now because the Supercell company has been acquired by the popular Chinese multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate and holding company Tencent, due to which Clash of Clans indirectly comes under Tencent.

In the Clash of Clans game, you can use resources such as gold and elixir to build your village and upgrade the buildings in your village. You can get gold and elixir from elixir collectors and gold mines, apart from this, you can also get gold and elixir by attacking other players' bases. You can use troops such as Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Dragon, Hog Rider, Wizard, etc to attack other players' bases. Along with Troops, you can also use many spells present in the game like Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Lightning Spell, Jump Spell, etc. Currently, in the game, you will find Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion 4 Heroes which are very powerful and have their own unique abilities.  To unlock Heroes, you have to progress in the game.

There is also a clan system in this game, with the help of which you can create your own clan and recruit your friends or other players in that clan or you can join the clan of your friend or other players and can participate in clan war. Because this is a strategy game, you will need a lot of good strategies to destroy other players' base 100% in this game. Currently, in the game, you will get to see Home Village (Base), and Builder Base whose Troops, Buildings, and Heroes are slightly different from each other. 

The special thing about this game is that you will not feel bored by playing this game because the developer of this game keeps adding new content, events, and challenges to the game from time to time, due to which your interest remains in the game. Overall Clash of Clans is such a great strategy game that you can play for a long time without getting bored. 

Clash of Clans Tier List

S Tier List

  • Healer - ELIXIR
  • Yeti - ELIXIR
  • Minion - DARK ELIXIR
  • Bowler - DARK ELIXIR
  • Sneaky Goblin - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Bowler - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Wall Breaker - SUPER TROOPS
  • Sneaky Archer - BUILDER BASE
  • Cannon Cart - BUILDER BASE
  • Rocket Balloon - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Sneaky Archer - CLAN CAPITAL

S tier characters are better and more powerful than all other characters.

A Tier List

  • Baby Dragon - ELIXIR
  • Miner - ELIXIR
  • Goblin - ELIXIR
  • Balloon - ELIXIR
  • Dragon Rider - ELIXIR
  • Hog Rider - DARK ELIXIR
  • Golem - DARK ELIXIR
  • Ice Golem - DARK ELIXIR
  • Super Wizard - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Archer - SUPER TROOPS
  • Rocket Balloon - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Miner - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Minion - SUPER TROOPS
  • Beta Minion - BUILDER BASE
  • Night Witch - BUILDER BASE
  • Baby Dragon - BUILDER BASE
  • Hog Glider - BUILDER BASE
  • Hog Raider - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Raid Cart - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Flying Fortress - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Super Wizard - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Battle Ram - CLAN CAPITAL

A tier characters are very powerful and these characters can outperform all other characters except S tier characters.

B Tier List

  • Wizard - ELIXIR
  • Electro Dragon - ELIXIR
  • Dragon - ELIXIR
  • Wall Breaker - ELIXIR
  • Electro Titan - ELIXIR
  • Valkyrie - DARK ELIXIR
  • Lava Hound - DARK ELIXIR
  • Witch - DARK ELIXIR
  • Headhunter - DARK ELIXIR
  • Super Barbarian - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Witch - SUPER TROOPS
  • Raged Barbarian - BUILDER BASE
  • Boxer Giant - BUILDER BASE
  • Bomber - BUILDER BASE
  • Super Dragon - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Minion Horde - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Super Barbarian - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Super Giant - CLAN CAPITAL

B tier characters are average or above average.

C Tier List

  • Giant - ELIXIR
  • Archer - ELIXIR
  • Super Giant - SUPER TROOPS
  • Super Dragon - SUPER TROOPS
  • Inferno Dragon - SUPER TROOPS
  • Mountain Golem - CLAN CAPITAL
  • Inferno Dragon - CLAN CAPITAL

C tier characters are below average, these characters have less power and less skills.

D Tier List

  • Barbarian - ELIXIR
  • Super Valkyrie - SUPER TROOPS
  • Ice Hound - SUPER TROOPS
  • Skeleton Barrels - CLAN CAPITAL

D tier characters are worst and these characters cannot stand in front of most units.

This is what we have got when it comes to the tier list of Clash of Clans game. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to gaming, then you can subscribe to our website.

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