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Call Of Duty Mobile second beta phase

Call Of Duty Mobile second beta phase

Today we are going to talk about the second best famous game after pubg and this game franchise is very famous. Almost everyone knows about the Call of Duty Mobile game. The pre-registration of this game has been going on at the Google Playstore for a long time. But the game has not yet launched on the Google Playstore.
The developer of this game is Tencent games. Tencent games have also created the PUBG mobile game, which is a favorite of all of us.

But even after a long time, Tencent does not launch Call of Duty mobile game. But Tencent games are launching a beta version of the cod. Even before, the beta version of this game has been launched. That was phase 1. But now the beta version of this game has started again.

When the Call of Duty mobile game is launched, it will have 4 different variants. Meaning 4 different publishers will launch a game like Activision Company will publish the first Call of Duty mobile game which will be global version, second will be published by Garena, third will be published by Tencent China and the fourth will be Tencent Korea.

In all these 4 different games, you will get to see all the same things, the only difference will be in the timing and things of the upcoming updates.

After this beta phase, this game can be launched very soon because if we talk about development then this game is already fully developed, but launching beta test helps the company to find bugs and glitch present in the game so that the developer can fix them and make the game experience better. Most of the bugs and glitch will be detected in these 2 beta test and after that, the company will release the game.

Beta version phase 2

There is a new version of Call of Duty which is 1.0.6. And at the same time, the beta version has also started. This beta version has been launched in Australia and Canada.

All bugs and lag have been removed in this beta version.  Now you will be able to play the game much better. This is a very good strategy for Tencent. Because whenever Tencent brings the beta version of this game, it removes the old glitch and lag which gives us the best game to play.

This beta phase has not been launched in India but if you want to play it then you can play it by connecting your internet to any VPN application. To play this beta version you have to connect to a server in Canada or Australia in VPN and then you can also enjoy this game.

Whoever updated this game on google play store once checked it because many people are having trouble with the play store version. If your Google Play version does not work then I will give you the download link of the game and you will download it and it will work very well.


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