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Good news for Indian gamers

Good news for Indian gamers

Friends, today we will talk about the Indian Gaming Community. India is the 2nd largest country in terms of population and that is why the spread of technology has also increased in this country. And this technology also includes gaming.
Gaming is an integral part of technology. In our India, the video game is understood as time waste, which is wrong because if the same is seen in other countries, the same video game is taken as a career.


Friends, if you are a gamer then you must know what is esport. And for those who do not know about it, then I tell them that esport is a competition, like cricket and football.
In this competition, video games are played and the winner gets the reward of crores. Esport in western countries is very popular. Their children make their career in esport. If there is a child who likes to play games, then his parents send him to the professional classroom of gaming. Not only esport, but streaming is also a very popular way of making a career.


Streaming is a very good platform to build a career in gaming.  The biggest advantage of streaming is that if you are not good at playing games but you can entertain people then streaming is for you.

If you are a very good gamer and entertainer, then you can Livestream your game by going to online stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch. In the live stream, you earn through a viewer and donation.

There are many people in youtube and twitch who earn millions of rupees every day.

Gaming revolution in India

If the gaming revolution has come to India, the reason for this is only smartphones.
Ever since the number of smartphones in India has increased, people like to play games in the smartphone more and now smartphones have also come in such a way that many computer games have started running like GTA vice city, San Andreas. It means to say that people have started getting the enjoyment of pc quality games on mobile.
And in the meantime, the most revolutionary game of the century came, which we all fondly call PUBG. PUBG is a PC and console game that Tencent developed for mobile phones. Tencent is a Chinese company Which became famous after creating the PUBG mobile game.
After the arrival of PUBG mobile, there was a tsunami of gaming in India. No gamer has been deprived of this.

Gaming talent started coming out in India due to PUBG game. Now Indian gamers were also streaming PUBG mobile on youtube. It would not be wrong to say that this PUBG has also made many people famous, such as YouTuber like Dynamo gaming and Mortal.

Good news for Gamers Jio Gigafiber launch very soon

Friends today we see the development of technology in India, it would not have been possible without Jio. Because of jio, every person has access to superfast internet in India.

India has gone digital due to jio. And just think that the Indian gaming community has moved ahead due to the introduction of Sim Card of Jio, then how much will Indian gamers benefit when jio Giga fiber comes.

Even today, there are many gamers in India who play games very well and want to stream on youtube but they do not afford the price of broadband and the price which is affordable is not able to live stream because of low speed. So the talent of these people is suppressed and they never emerge in the gaming world.

For such people, jio Giga fiber is a boon as it will give you much more speed at a much lower price so that you can stream live without any hassle.

Speed of Jio Gigafiber

In the cheapest plan of Jio Giga Fiber, you will get 100 Mbps speed. The average speed of internet broadband in abroad is up to 90 Mbps. In this sense, jio is going to give you a very good speed. According to the news, jio will give speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. However, a 1 Gbps plan will be a bit expensive because you will get so much speed in it that you cannot even think.
With this, many more gamers and more YouTuber are coming soon from India and with that, the competition is going to increase a lot.

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