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Boy killed his father for pubg

Boy killed his father for pubg

PUBG Mobile is a game that we love very much and those who like pubg will be playing this game once a day. And there are those of us who play this game a lot more often. But what about people who have become addicted to pubg mobile?

Friends pubg mobile is a good game and there is nothing wrong with playing a video game but it is wrong for a video game to go crazy and do nothing other than playing video games.

21-year boy killed his Father for pubg

Ever since pubg mobile has become so popular, there have been cases in which someone has committed a crime for pubg mobile. Ever since the launch of pubg mobile, there have been cases in which one person murdered another person due to pubg mobile.

The case is from Kakti village in Karnataka where a 21-year-old boy killed his 61-year-old father for a pubg game at 4.30 am.

The boy was 21 years old and was unemployed. The boy was playing pubg game all day on his mobile. And no parent wants their child to play a game all day. And that’s why the boy’s father kept him from playing pubg all day because if anything was done in the limit, the result would be good, but if something was out of the limit, then that thing would be terrifying.

The boy was upset with his father because his father prevented him from playing pubg.  He locked his mother in the outside room at night and took his father to another room and killed him with a kitchen knife.

Can you tell me why we play the game? The simple answer is that we play the game for our entertainment. And you all must know that video games are a virtual world, apart from that there can be no other explanation of video games. And the vertical world is very different from our life. If we kill someone in the virtual world then it comes back alive just like a PUBG game but when a person dies in the real world, he never comes back again. I pray that you understand the difference between the virtual world and the real world and pay more attention to your real world.

Friends, if this is a game, then treat it like a game. Do not let the influence of the game in your life. In this case, a question arises as to what was the fault of the father who lost his life for a game?

Friends games are all good and the game is addictive so there is no fault of the game but it is the fault of the person playing the game that how and how often they play this game. Hearing such a case makes you think of games as bad, but it is not. Playing a game in Limit will give you a lot of benefits and gaming outside of Limit can do you a lot of harm.


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