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Helicopter mode in PUBG Mobile

Helicopter mode in PUBG Mobile

Friends long time you have heard and seen videos on youtube that helicopter mode is coming to PUBG mobile then today I will tell you when this mode is coming to PUBG mobile.

Every month there are some new updates on our and your favorite mobile game PUBG. Sometimes in this game, we see a pirate ship, sometimes a big Godzilla. This game keeps trying to bring us something new by collaboration with some movies.

And now this game is also taking some new ideas from other games like a helicopter. So can you tell where PUBG might have taken the idea of the helicopter? The answer is Call of Duty mobile.

Call of Duty mobile The name of this game is enough. Because the franchise of this game has created a different place in our hearts for many years. And there will be no gamer in the world who has not heard about the Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty mobile is a very good game and this game is a direct competitor of PUBG mobile. Ever since the Call of Duty game was launched for mobile phones, PUBG is getting to see its effect because many gamers who used to play PUBG earlier now play Call of Duty. And this is the rule of the world that people like a new concept.

Call of Duty worked on the same new concept and gave people a great multiplayer game. The multiplayer mode of this game is Ultimate and it is a lot of fun to play this mode. The battle royale mode of this game is equally good and in this, you will also get to see many new concepts like Ability.

In the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile, we also get to see a helicopter, due to which we can travel very fast and can kill our enemy from the air. And it could be that PUBG might have implemented this concept in its new update.

Payload Mode

PUBG mobile has given big happy news to the fans of this game by tweeting about the update to PUBG mobile in twitter 12 hours ago.
As shown in this tweet, the player blazes the helicopter by firing Bazooka. That means that in the PUBG mobile 0.15.0 update we will see Bazooka and helicopter.

This mode will be seen in the arcade. In this mode, you will also see the helicopter. Players are expected to be able to operate the helicopter as well. It may also be possible that players with a helicopter will hit the players below with their own bazookas.

0.14.5 Release Date

This update is due on the 13th, in which you will see the Royal Pass of season 9. You will then be able to get the skin of your guns, cars, and clothing. This season you have to get a lot of clothing skin. In this, you will see skin like warrior samurai.

You will get this update by 12 noon on the 13th. And as far as I’m concerned this update will be released on your PUBG game and will not be on the play store. And the update will be small too.


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