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PUBG Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile

PUBG Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile

Friends, you all know that pubg mobile is a big game on mobile platforms. And ever since the game was launched, the popularity of this game has increased and today more than 100 million people have downloaded this game from the play store.

Call of duty mobile This game has also created a lot of hype in the gaming world. Ever since the beta version of the game was released, the game has become very popular among gamers.

PUBG mobile

So, friends, you all like PUBG mobile games. And while I think that all gamers will like the PUBG mobile game a lot, but along with the likes, there are some things in this game that bother you a lot and if they are not improved, then the huge damage to PUBG mobile It is possible.

Bugs and glitch

PUBG Mobile has a lot of bugs and glitch and due to this many times the game starts lagging a lot, and all gamers do not like it at all because it spoils the gaming experience.

It’s not like PUBG mobile simply lags on the low-end device. But even when you have a high-end device, you still face this problem.


If you talk about stability then this game is very unstable because sometimes in the game you get stuck in a place where you never get out and sometimes your game is suddenly tied in the current match, and then in that match, you Can’t go back


Hacking has spoiled this game. The number of the hacker in this game will not be in any other game. The hacking has increased so much that the hacking of streamers is caught on youtube. The hacking is such a dangerous thing that it is bad for the hacker but it is also bad for the innocent players playing with him who do not hack.

When a PUBG player reaches the crown level with his hard work, his id is very important to him. But when such people get a hacker in a random squad match, then the id of this hacker is blocked but also the id of such innocent people is also blocked.

Call of duty Mobile

Ever since the beta version of call of duty mobile was launched, this game has also become very popular. And the reason for this game’s fame is also the company that created this game called Tencent.

You all know about the Tencent company because this company created PUBG Mobile.

Bugs and glitch

Since this game is still new and 2 Oct game is about to launch, there are no bugs in this game yet. Until I think, the probability of bugs and glitch in this game is very low as the game has taken a long time to launch and Tencent will launch this game by eliminating any bugs in the game.


This game is pretty stable as I have played this game on my device and I am very impressed with this game. Because this game will work very well across all devices. Even when I was playing the beta version of this game I didn’t see any kind of lag, etc.

So from the above, it can be said that this game is very stable.


Speaking of graphics, I really liked the graphics in this game. Even if you have a phone of 14 or 15 thousand, you can still play this game in HD. With this, I liked the game’s graphics better than PUBG mobile.


Since this game is still new, there is no hacker in it and I hope that in the future there will be no hacker in this game.
This was my opinion about PUBG Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile If you liked this article please tell in the comment section below.

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