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Control Xbox One with Google Assistant

Control Xbox One with Google Assistant

Technology is getting expensed so fast that now you can use your mobile without even touching it. And this feat happens because of artificial intelligence. In the field of artificial intelligence, Google has achieved a lot of achievements.  And we can get to see a sample of this achievement in google’s assistant application and google’s home device.

Google assistant is an extension of google now. Which gives it a different personality. Before today if you have used Siri in apple or have used Cortana in windows phone, then you have to know that both Siri and Cortana have their own separate personality.

Whenever you ask them any conceptual questions, you get an answer to that question in the same way. In a way, it is not limited to just questions, you can talk to Siri and Cortana. But you could not do this in google now. In google now, you used to get the answer to your question, you could not talk to google now.

But now finally google has also launched its assistant app. And it is much more advanced than Siri and Cortana. And it is much more advanced than Siri and Cortana. And the work which you could not think of doing in Siri and Cortana, you will now be able to do that work in google assistant.

The google assistant is so advanced that you can easily do your daily work in this and you can work in a lot without touching the phone. A very good feature of this is that google assistant learns from your behavior. After a few days of use, google assistant starts to understand what you like, what is your choice, and then on the basis of this information, this software also shows you the results.

Microsoft already has its own voice assistant Cortana and Microsoft has already allowed Amazon Alexa to control Xbox One and in fact, a short time ago they were paying more attention to their assistant but When Microsoft asked their Xbox gamers what feature you want in your Xbox, most of them said that they need a digital assistant who can control their Xbox with their voice.

Keeping in mind the Xbox gamers, Microsoft has launched a new feature and under this, you can now control the Xbox one with google assistant and this feature is comfortable across all google devices. This feature has just been launched in the beta version, the official version will be launched after the beta version.
And this feature will run in any of your assistants enable phones whether you have an iPhone or Android.
To connect your Xbox with your phone and google assistant, you have to download google home application in your phone and like other third-party assistants, Xbox will also be available in that application.
When everything is set up, then you can watch youtube videos with your voice, take screenshots, and start games.

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