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PUBG Mobile starts banning hackers for 10 yers

PUBG Mobile starts banning hackers for 10 yers

PUBG mobile is a very good game and this game has revolutionized mobile gaming. But with the revolution of mobile games, there has been a revolution in the number of hackers.

Hacking in PUBG Mobile

This game is very good, but there is a saying that where there are good things, there come bad things on their own and this is what has happened with PUBG Mobile because this game was the best mobile game ever but hackers have made this game bad.

When this game was launched, there were not so many hackers in it, but when this game became famous and the whole world went crazy behind this game, then hackers came into this game. Now there was not so much advanced security in PUBG mobile in starting that it could find hackers and block them. That’s why this game got a pile of hackers and due to this, the original players who were upset started leaving this game, due to which PUBG had to invent a hacking proof security system.

In PUBG Mobile, you must have encountered hacker at some time and you also know that when our enemy is hacker, we can never win from them because hacker kills mobile gamers very badly by cheating and spoils all the fun of gaming. Because one is playing from PC, that is why he already has the keyboard and mouse advantage, and hacking makes the work easier. And kills those who play from mobile without hacking from the emulator.

PUBG Mobile also made a lot of effort to stop this hacker, in which they kept reporting system and besides that, they also put an anti-hacking team which used to keep an eye on the hackers, but all these efforts did not stop the hackers and kept doing their arbitrariness.

Anti-hacking system

PUBG Mobile has developed its own anti-hacking system. With the help of which PUBG Mobile has banned many hackers so far. PUBG Mobile has banned all the hackers so far, they have been banned forever which means that now hackers will never be able to use those IDs again.

PUBG will find hackers with the help of an anti-hacking system and ban them for 10 years. 10 years ban in the cyber world means forever. Due to this attempt of PUBG Mobile, hackers are now being banned in this game and this game is becoming secure. So far, PUBG Mobile has banned 3500 ids from its anti-hacking system for 10 years. PUBG understands the seriousness of hacking and that’s why it is constantly working on it.

It is also possible that pubg can make this game so secure with its anti-hacking system, that then there is no hacker left in this game. If this happens, the fun of playing this game will be doubled. And those players who are playing this game from their mobile and who play very well will get a chance to emerge.


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