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Call Of Duty Mobile Hits 100 Million Downloads

Call Of Duty Mobile Hits 100 Million Downloads


Call of Duty Mobile has created havoc since its launch and is breaking the records of all the games. So let’s see how this game broke the record of PUBG mobile and Fortnite and how it became the number 1 game.

Call of Duty Mobile is a game on which the developer of this game has taken a lot of interest and launched this game with much more patience.  When the game was announced, only after this game started becoming hype.

People have become crazy about this game since the game’s developer launched the beta version of this game.  A lot of beta versions of this game were launched and with so many tests, this game has got much more advantage because these tests gave the company a chance to remove bugs in the games, and today the game is more stable than other games.

The game was launched globally on October 1 and gamers wanted to download the game as soon as it was launched and on the very first day, the game got 35 million downloads.

The game showed such a good performance that the game got 100 million downloads only a week after its launch. When we compare this game to fortnite, this game leaves fortnite behind. When the fortnite launched for ios in April 2018, the game had 22.5 million downloads in a week and earned the company $ 3.3 million in revenue.  But when we talk about Call of Duty Mobile, this game has got 56 million downloads in the first week and has received revenue of 8.5 million and it is done only from the app store.

If we talk about how Call of Duty Mobile has attracted so many people, the answer is this game itself. First thing this game is not as unstable as its Rival PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, but this game runs without any problem even in phones with 2 RAM.

And secondly, this game has to be free to play because this game is free, that is why people are downloading and playing it, but if this game was paid, today the story would have been different.

What was the thing that made this game so much success? The answer to this question is hidden in the name of this game. This game belongs to a franchise that we have been playing for 17 years. The first title of Call of Duty came in 2003, after which the developers of the game did not look back and that’s why the franchise became a hit.

So far, a total of 17 titles have been launched in this franchise, out of which the famous title is Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Call of Duty Mobile is a very good game and this game also deserves this position but it is also true that if this game has got this position, then the past of this game franchise is also responsible.

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