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Clash of clans town hall 13 update

Clash of clans town hall 13 updated

Clash of Clans The name of this game is enough.  According to me, this game is the best online strategy game of the century.  No other game can compete this game. Friends Clash of Clans is one of the most successful games in mobile history and no other game has been made as many fans of this game so far.

Because the kind of concept used in this game was very unique and that type of concept was never used for any game before. Due to this uniqueness, this game became very popular. This game was so good that players who played this game used to get addicted to it. And in many cases, addiction was so much that players used to play the same game all day and did not work for the whole day.

This is to say that even after so many years after the launch of this game, this game is evergreen and new updates in the game never let the game get old. And the number of fans of this game is also so much. That the game was launched many years ago and even after so many years of launching, the number of players playing this game has not reduced very much.

The Clash of Clans game was launched for mobile phones in August 2012. When this game was launched, it was very famous in a short time. When the Clash of Clans game was launched, it reached the number 1 position in the app store of android and ios in a short time.

Ever since the game was launched, so far this game has received a lot of updates. At the time of launch, the game was only up to Town Hall 7. But the game was updated from town hall 7 to 12 due to the constant update of the game.


Recently clash of clans has put the video of town hall 13 on their official youtube channel. This is big news for the fan and player of clash of clans because even today many people play clash of clans. In this video, clash of clans shows their new town hall 13 and the theme color of town hall 13 also resembles that of town hall 12 because the theme color of town hall 12 was blue and the theme color of town hall 13 is the same.

Where we get to see Giga Tesla in town hall 12, similarly in town hall 13, we have been given Giga Inferno, whose damage goes from 200 to 300. And when this town hall 13 explodes, it makes a big blast and all the Troops in the radius of that explosion slow down for 8 seconds.

Siege barracks

Along with the new town hall 13, the new Siege machine has also come, which is the Siege barracks. If you attack with Siege barracks, then Pekka and vizards will come out of it, and after that all the troupe of clan castell.
So this is the news of the town hall 13 so far, if you like similar gaming related news, then subscribe to the blog.

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