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Apple arcade game of the year

Apple arcade game of the year

Apple has announced its Apple arcade game of the year, so let’s know about that game.

What is Apple arcade

Apple has launched a very good service for its user called Apple arcade. This service is only for apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, MAC, and Apple TV so you can run this service in all these apple devices.

apple arcade is a gaming store that is exclusive to apple. In this game store, you will find games that will run only on the Apple device because this game will not be made for other devices and operating systems. So if you have an Apple device then you can also enjoy this service. The first 1 month in apple arcade will be free, after that, you will have to take a subscription, which is 99 rupees per month.

One thing about the apple arcade is very good that when you pay 99 rupees and get a subscription, then you don’t need to in-game purchase.

Game of the year – sayonara wild hearts

Apple has announced that sayonara wild hearts game is apple arcade’s game of the year. You can play this game in landscape mode. This game is a very good game and the game is like Temple Run and subway surfer. The game is named after the Japanese word. In the game, you will also find bikes and swords. Although this game has been game of the year only in the mobile category, Apple has announced Game of the Year in other devices as well.

iPad Game of the Year- Hyper Light Drifter
Mac Game of the Year- GRIS
Apple TV Game of the Year: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Other best games

Other than sayonara, there are other good games given below.

Oceanhorn 2

You also have to play this game in landscape mode. The graphics of this game are very good. In this game, you play a character who is left on an Iceland and this character has to survive on this Iceland. There are many different creatures on this Iceland that will attack you and with this, you have a sword for defense.

Skate City

This is also a good game. In this game, you use a skateboard and in this, you get the option of different cities, in which you can do skateboarding and perform different stunts.

Speed Demons

You can play this game in verticle mode. It does not have to be played in landscape mode. In this game, either you will get a bus or you will get a car or you will get a truck. And you have to drive the vehicle given to you in a lot of traffic. You will also have to break the other vehicle while driving.


In this game, you play a character of a frog and in this game, you have to move through crossing obstacles and you will also get points by moving forward. Moving forward, you have to save the baby frog too. Moving forward, one thing to be aware of is not to hit the vehicle in traffic. If the car collides with you then your game will be over.

Agent Intercept

In Agent Intercept, you play the role of an agent. In this, you will get a good sports car. On the way, you will face a lot of enemies, you have to destroy them with your car or with a given weapon.

So this was some games that became game of the year on apple game store. To get similar information, please subscribe to our blog.


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