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Assassins creed Ragnarok leaked

Assassins creed Ragnarok leaked

If you are a gamer, then you must have played Assassins creed franchise games, but do you know where the idea of making this game came from? The idea for this game comes from the Prince of Persia game.Assassin’s Creed franchise, which was started by Ubisoft in 2007, is a successful Ubisoft game franchise and so far we have got to see 11 games in this game franchise which is in the main series.

When the trilogy of Prince of Persia was over, work was going on on a new game called Prince of Persia Assasins. With the help of this game, the Prince of Persia series was going to be rebooted. And your role in this game was that of a bodyguard who is Prince’s bodyguard. And to be frank, it is an assassin who will do a lot of missions for his Prince but as this game was being made, this game was going far beyond the series of the original Prince of Persia.

This was happening because you were not a Prince in this game, you had to play the role of Prince’s Bodyguard. So, it did not seem like a Prince of Persia game, so his director thought that now he will make it a new game, which he named Assassins Creed. This is how your favorite game franchise was born. So let’s know about the upcoming title of this franchise.

The last game that Ubisoft launched was assassins creed odyssey. This game is built on the concept of assassins creed origins. After assassins creed odyssey, gamers now have an eye on Ubisoft’s upcoming game called Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok.  Right now, Ubisoft has not said anything official about this game but news of this upcoming game has been leaked.


According to the leak, in this game, you can play with 4 players and like assassins creed odyssey, in this game also you will get a chance to choose the character  whether you want to play with a male or want to play with a female.

The game is made in the 9th-century. assassins creed Ragnarok based on Norse mythology and in this game you can get to see the countries of Europe such as London, Paris. The map of the game is going to be huge and you will get a lot to explore. In the game, you can also see some ancient animals. One can also see the concept of sailing black assassins creed black flag.

The Assassin’s Creed game is now going a different route because its developers are now going to show completely new storylines in this gamer. If you played god of war 4 then you would know that this game is also based on Norse mythology and now Ubisoft is also going to choose the same mythology for the next assassins creed game.

Perhaps we also saw Thor and Odin in assassins creed Ragnarok because these two characters are also associated with this mythology. God of war 4 At the end of the game, we got to see Thor, so in this game, there is a chance that we have miles to see both Thor and Odin.

There is no official information available about this game right now, but we can get to see this game by September 2020 and This game may be launched in the next-generation console.

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