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PS5 Release date

PS5 Release date

Friends, if you are a gamer, you will definitely enjoy hearing this news. If you have a gaming console and you want to get a new gaming console but confuse which one, then this news is for you.
It has been 6 years since sony PlayStation 4 launched. The PS4 was launched on November 15, 2013, and many years have passed since it was launched. If seen, the company uses the pattern to launch the PlayStation, that is, after launching a console, the company waits exactly 6 years, only then the company is launching the next console.

This means that the time has come now that the company will launch its nextgen console very soon, so if you have an old console or want to get a new console, then according to me you should wait a few days because very soon PlayStation 5 is coming.

In the new PlayStation 5, you will get 8K TV support and you can also do 4K gaming, with this console you will get the ryzen chip of ADM which will have 8 cores. If you talk about storage then you will get SSD support in PS5, in this, you will be able to play all PS4 games i.e. if you have an old PS4 and you want to upgrade to a new console, then you can also play your old PS4 games very easily on your PS5

Godfall release with PS5

Three weeks ago a game trailer was launched on youtube in the official channel of the PlayStation called Godfall. The game is going to be an action RPG game and the special feature of the game is that the name of the game comes in the PlayStation 5 at the end of the trailer, which means that the game will be launched in PlayStation 5.

PS5 release date

Along with this, a hint has also been given about the launch of the Godfall game. This game is going to be launched in the 2020 holiday itself, that is, maybe you will get to see this game at the end of January or in February. And it simply means that the PS5 will be launched before the launch of this game or else the game will be launched with the PS5 itself.
You will get to see Playstation 5 in the 2020 Holiday. This console will be launched at the end of January or in February. So if you are planning to buy PlayStation 4 then do not take it because just a few days later the new PS5 will be launched and with it, a lot of new games will be seen.
According to a leak, the next game of the game franchise GTA of Rockstart Game GTA 6 could be launched in PS5. And the rumor that was going on about the price of PS5 is that its price is very high but it is all wrong because its price will be only 10 thousand more than PS4.
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