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GTA 4 for Android

GTA 4 for Android

GTA 4 for Android This topic has been running since 2018 and a question is coming in the mind of every gamer that when will GTA 4 be released for mobile, then today we have come to answer your questions.

rockstar is a game developer company whose GTA series ie grand theft auto series is quite famous even if you are not a gamer, you must have heard about GTA games. GTA series games are so popular that rockstar has ported these games to almost all devices and includes mobile but GTA Last 2 games ie GTA 4 and GTA 5 are not yet made for mobile devices.

If you have played the GTA 4 game on your PC or console then you must know how the graphics of this game are. The world of HD graphics shown in the game is very high quality and you will not believe it but if you do not have a good computer and do not have a graphics card, then this game lag in it.

The graphics of the GTA 4 game are very high and this game takes more resources. This game comes at number 2 in terms of graphics and resources after GTA 5. This game is so heavy that it uses a lot of resources. If you need a good PC to run this game, then you can think for yourself that with such good graphics, this game is not possible to run on mobile. Mobile phones have become powerful and it will be more powerful in the future, there is no doubt in this, but in recent times, mobile phones have not been so powerful that they can run games with so much high graphics.

If you go to see, there are a lot of PC games available on mobile phones like GTA 3, GTA Vicecity, GTA Sanandreas, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. All these games are very popular and apart from this, there are many PC games which are available for mobile but those games can run on mobile because their graphics were low and the games which had high graphics were redesigned for mobile devices.

If GTA 4 is to run on a mobile device, then it will have to be redesign. But even then there is no official news about the GTA 4 mobile version from rockstar game, but a company is trying to port this game to the mobile device.

New games corporation This company is trying to port GTA 4 to the mobile version. Let me tell you that this is not fake news because this company has also launched the mobile version teaser of the GTA 4 game. This teaser is of 10 seconds and you will enjoy watching this teaser. And it is also possible that you will soon get a GTA 4 for mobile devices. Because nowadays it is like this, one example of this is PUBG mobile. You all know that the company making PUBG pc is also different and the company making PUBG mobile is different too, this can happen in the case of GTA too.

New games corporation is not only working on GTA 4 but also on GTA 5, meaning that you will get both these games for your mobile device very soon. However, porting PC games to the mobile version is not easy and if this company successfully ports both the games to the mobile device, then nothing can be better than this.

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