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PUBG Mobile Maserati Ghibli Skin

PUBG Mobile Maserati Ghibli Skin

You must have played the pubg mobile game and you all will know how great this game is.  The PUBG crossovers with another company to make the game even more enjoyable. The PUBG Mobile game has done a lot of crossover in the past like resident evil, Godzilla, walking dead, angry birds, mission impossible, etc. Whenever there is a crossover of pubg Mobile we get to see many new skins. And a similar crossover is coming in Chinese pubg mobile i.e. Game of Peace.

Game of Peace is a Chinese pubg because the official pubg is banned in China because the game did not meet the government’s gaming policy, so Tencent launched a new game which is an alternative of pubg mobile and the name of the game is Game of Peace.

By the way, PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace are sons of the same mother meaning both these games have been made by the same company. To some extent, these two games are similar but there is some minor difference that makes them both different.

First of all, let’s talk about the size of these two games, both the games are similar in size. 1.8GB for Android and 3.4 GB for IOS. You will get every outfit of the game for peace with RGB lighting, whereas this is not the case in PUBG mobile. In both games, the theme of Battle Pass will be different. You will get to see the windshield in every car of Game of Peace. Apart from this, when you sit in the car, its headlight will also be on. Game for Peace is ahead in terms of graphics and texture, no one can beat it. Game for Peace is made like PUBG PC. In this, the style of landing with a parasite is like PUBG PC and every house also has glass windows.

The best feature of Game for Peace is its safe zone. When you are outside the safe zone, you see a timer, in that you get some time to go back to the safe zone, and your health is not reduced during that time. Your health will be reduced only when this time is over. Apart from this, in this game, we can use 2 scopes in a single gun. So this is some difference that separates PUBG mobile and Game for Peace.

A crossover is coming very soon in Game of Peace and this crossover is not with any movie or other game but with a famous car manufacturer whose name you must have heard and that car company is Maserati.

2 days ago YouTuber Rey Lagarto uploaded Maserati’s collaboration video with the game of peace on his youtube channel and in this video, he has also shown the gameplay with Maserati Ghibli car skin, in which you will see a lot of Maserati Ghibli. It has been shown in this video that you are going to get the skin of Maserati Ghibli and this skin will be available in 3 colors and that color is blue, pink, and golden and the price of these skin is also kept very high. If you want this skin then you will have to spend a lot of money because the cost of the skin is very high. If you want to buy the skin, then you have to spend 150 to 200 $.

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