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Download The School White Day

Download The School White Day


Friends, today I have brought a very good horror game The School White Day that you will enjoy to play, and I can tell with confidence that if you like horror games then you will definitely like this game. so let’s know about that game.


The School White Day This game is a horror game. Although this game is made for the computer, this game has been developed and published by Sonnori, a Korean game developer company. The game was first launched in 2001 for computers. In 2015 the game was remade for mobile by ROI games. This game is an offline game and the game size is up to 1.5 GB. This is a story based horror game, so if you like a story-based game then this game is perfect for you and you must play this game.

Talking about the base of the game, this game is based on the school. A school is shown in the game. It is a haunted school. Actually, this school used to be a hospital earlier. Construction work was going on in this hospital during the Korean War and many builders and visitors present in the hospital died in this hospital and due to this many souls were imprisoned at this place.

Although the game is a bit old but the graphics are very good and in the case of graphics it will not disappoint you. In the game, you will get different hints so that you will move forward in the game. The sound of the game is quite scary, so if you want to get the best experience, then play this game wearing headphones. Game controls are very good.

Because this game is a story mode game, you also get a lot of choice in this, as if your character does the conversion, then you are given different options in that conversion, what you have to say to the other character and its With the help of this you can play this game in your own way. The storyline is good and does not bore you, your interest will remain in playing the game.

It can also happen that if you play this game at night, you may also feel a little scared. In today’s era, where the Battle Royal game has made its dominance in the entire market, that is why the entire game developer company is engaged in making online or Battle Royal games and that is why storyline games are being made in very less quantity. And this game is suitable for those who do not like the online battle royal game and want to play a story-based game.


If you want to play this game then this game is also available on Google Play but you will have to spend some money to download this game because the price of this game is 620 INR. So if you have money then you can buy this game, but if you do not want to buy this game and cannot afford the game then you can download it from the link given below.



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