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Call of Duty Mobile Rift

Call of Duty Mobile Rift

Ever since the concept of Battle Royal mode has come in the gaming sector, the entire gaming industry has changed since then. Now every game developer company is making a game with Battle Royal twist and this kind of game is becoming very successful, an example of which is PUBG and Fortnite because first of all these 2 games have developed Battle Royal Mode. And to keep players engaged in the same Battle Royal mode, some new events and updates are coming in the game and an event like this is also going on in the Battle Royal Map of Call of Duty mobile game.
If you play Call of Duty mobile, then you will see a rift flying in the sky in the game and if you do not know about it, then read the article completely because in this article you will get full information about the rift.
This rift was visible in the map of Call of Duty mobile since many days. This rift slowly came out of a black hole. So if you want to go to this rift, then there are three different routes.

1. Direct

When your match starts, you will always be in the helicopter and if you want to go to the rift, then you have to land on that rift directly from the helicopter. This is the direct way.

2. Using Helicopter

You can also go on this raft with the random chopper found in the whole map, for that you have to take a helicopter and land it on a flown rift. There is space for landing of a helicopter on the rift, then you can land on the rift without any problem.

3. Using Jet-pack

This is the third method but this method will not work right now because the jet pack is not available right now. It is coming in season 4 and it is confirmed news, so this is the third way you can go to this rift if you know about the other way. If you know, then please comment in the comment box.
This rift will not have a fixed place on the map because this rift has wings, so the place of this rift will not be fixed on the map, it can hover anywhere in the whole map.

Character Details

Call of duty mobile also has some special character that you may not know about.


This is a character in the call of duty mobile game that burns everyone and this character got its name because when he was a small child his father used to beat his younger sister very much and one day that child got very angry. And burned his own father alive, since then the character’s name was firebreak.


There is a very famous character in the Call of Duty mobile, whose name is phantom. Do you know that the Phantom is not fully human? It is half human and half robot, which we also call cyborg.

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