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Area F2 | Rainbow six siege for android

Area F2 | Rainbow six siege for android


Another good shooting game for mobile devices is coming very soon, named Area F2. This game is made like Ubisoft’s famous game Rainbow six siege and it will not be wrong to say that only the name of this game has been changed, but the rest of the game is the same.

Friend if you are a gamer then you must have played or heard about rainbow six siege game. It is an online player Vs player game which was launched for PC and console and this game was published by Ubisoft. This game has been very famous since the beginning. The news related to this game is also coming that this game will be launched for mobile devices very soon. This news is absolutely right, this game will be launched for mobile, and pre-registration of this game has also started but the name of the game has changed.


Area F2 is an online game featuring 5 vs 5 close quarter battle. It is an FPS game and this type of game has never been made for mobile devices before. If we talk about the graphics and environment of the game, then this game is an indoor tactical game in which you get very little space to fight and this is why the game is very fast. The graphics of the game are very good and you will get to experience the real environment.

To play this game you will find many characters called agents. Each agent present in the game has a different ability, with the help of which you can make a plan and win the game.


This game is of 5 vs 5 players. When the match is macking then you will be kept in the lobby for 45 seconds during which you can create a strategy to defense your team and kill the enemy team.  Wherever there is no door in the game, you can make a door and place different traps for the enemy. When the time of the lobby ends, the game starts, which is 4 minutes long, which means that every match is 4 minutes long.

In the game, you can break the door, climb the wall with rope, and also reach the roof of the house. The game’s combat mechanism is very good as well, you can also use different types of abilities. The controls of this game are very good and help you in the fast movement.


This game currently has 3 maps

  1. Operation
  2. Generators
  3. Depot
The game currently has only 3 maps, but it is possible that the developers of the game may add more maps in the future.


In this game, you will get 14 characters, out of which you can play by choosing anyone. These 14 agents have their own different abilities.
  • Hammer – He has a big heavy hammer – Gun – M249
  • Wildfire – He has a bow launcher – Gun – M416
  • Volcano – He has thermite – Gun – AK-12
  • Boulder – He has an elastic shield that protects it from the enemy’s bullet.
  • Hawkeye – He has a sniper with folding scope – Gun – OTS-03
  • Phantom – He has a tracker drone with the help of which he can find his enemy – Gun – Scar
  • Magnet – She has an EMP graned – M416
  • Fortress – He has a ballistic shield – Gun – MP5
  • Wolf – He has trip mine – Gun – UMP9
  • Spitfire – He has a large machine gun setup – Gun – P90
  • Silence – He has a Jammer that can jam enemy’s gadgets – Gun – P90
  • Cobra – He has a poison trap – Gun – Vector.45 ACP
  • Swamp – He has a Gas graned – Gun – MP7
  • Lightning – He has a Shocker – Gun – MP7

Release Date

There is no official news about the release date of this game yet. But the beta version of the game has been launched, so if you want to download and play the beta version of this game, then you can pre-register from the link given below.

Pre Registration

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