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Gaming News #2

Gaming News #2

Angry birds casual


Recently, a new game of Angry Birds has been launched in the mobile device called Angry Birds Casual. The concept of the game is similar to other Angry Birds game but this time a change has been made in this game. In the old Angry Birds game, you get a green pig as an enemy, but now Chicks has replaced the pig. Right now the game has a soft launch and it has just been launched in Us and Mexico, so if you want to play this game then you have to use a VPN.

Om nom run

This game is an infinite running game. If you have played cut the rope game, then you must have liked the character present in the game, the same character has also been inserted in Om nom run because the developer of this game is the developer who developed the cut the rope. This game has been launched for Android devices, so if you want to download this game, you can do it from google play.

Bullet league

This game is a battle royale game and is a 2D game. This game will remind you of the mini-militia because it looks like this while watching the game. So if you like playing games like this then this game is for you.

Soccer rally arena

This game has been soft-launched and looking at the trailer, it seems that this game resembles rocket league, the only difference is that rocket league is in 3D and this game is a top-down game. This game has been launched for Android today, but as far as I believe this game has been launched for the US only because it is a soft launch.

Call of Duty Mobile (Meltdown Map)

A new map is coming in Call of Duty Mobile which is a map of black ops 2 called Meltdown and you will see this map in the next update of COD mobile. At present, this topic is being teased on Twitter because the map is getting very late. Read More

Call of Duty Warzone

Most of you may have come to know about the Call of duty warzone game, it is a battle royale game and this game was in discussion for a long time and the special thing is that ever since the game was launched, 50 million people have played the game, this figure shows the success of the game. This game got so much support because it is a free game, due to which people can download and play this game for free. And the developers of the game are thinking about increasing the player lobby of this game. Currently, the player lobby of this game is of 150 players, which is going to be increased to 200 players.

Prince of Persia

If you are a gamer, then you must know about Ubisoft’s For Honor game. This is an action fighting game. for honor is a third-person game and this game is based on old age. Prince of Persia’s event has come in this game, so if you play this game then you will definitely know about it, in this event, you will also get a map of Prince of Persia game and you will also get to see prince which has been given a new look. is. The first chapter of this event was from 12 March to 19 March and the second chapter is from 19 March to 2 April. From this event, Ubisoft is giving a hint of the upcoming Prince of Persia game, which is going to be named Prince of Persia Dagger of Time.


2 trains have been added to the PUBG game’s Vikendi map which you can see in the map and a new weapon has also been added to it named Panzerfaust. It is a rocket launcher which is in the era of World War 2 means it is an old rocket launcher. The M249 gun, which was earlier found only in the drop, has been normalized, meaning now it will spawn normal. Apart from this, in PUBG you will also get to see a new Battle Royal mode which will be a fantasy based Battle Royal mode and it will be released very soon.


The next gaming news is coming from Fortnite. Fortnite is a battle royale game and now you will also get to see the chopper in this game i.e. Finally fortnite has added a flying thing in the game. A trailer related to this has also been released, which you can see on youtube.

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