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Asur web series review

Asur web series review

Asur is an Indian web series released in the Hindi language in 2020. It is a crime thriller web series directed and produced by Oni Sen. Talking about the stars of Asur, Arshad Warsi, and Barun Sobti have a leading role in it. This web series has been launched on Voot. This web series has 8 episodes in season 1 and each episode is about 40 to 55 minutes though its last episode is longer than 1 hour.

Asura web series review

The Asur web series keeps us tied from beginning to end and does not bore us. This series does not disappoint us, although there are a few minus points in the series, such as some things seem a little enological to us and some questions are left in our mind. But Asur’s direction, story, concepts, suspense, and performance are very good and that is why we can ignore the minus points of this series.

The series is a crime thriller based on Indian mythology. The character of Psycho Killer is completely obsessed with this mythology. He reads these stories and considers himself to be an asura, as the work of an asura is to spread chaos, to spread hatred, to kill people, and to fear them he does all these things as his religion. That killer has a purpose behind doing this kind of work and the purpose is that he wants to show the world that all people are bad from inside, and when it comes to himself, anyone can become a murderer and anyone can do evil things.

We got to see the same thing in Darknight. The Joker wanted to prove the same in Darknight and similarly, Psycho Killer puts three people in an airtight chamber and by doing all this he wants to prove that every person is bad from inside.

The name of the psycho killer is Shubh. Why Shubh changes into a psycho, in this series, it is shown that when Shubh was a child, his father used to beat him a lot and his father used to torture him because his father believed that he was born at the wrong time because his father believed into astrology and he thought that his son is Asur because he was born at the wrong time. Because of that, all these things had a bad effect on a child’s mind and whenever he used to read mythology, he also believed that he is an Asur.

Asur has two main characters. One is named Nikhil Nair and the other is named Dhananjay. Both of them are experts in the forensic department of CBI. Both characters are very intelligent. But 10 years ago, there was a dispute between them about a case after which Nikhil leaves the US and becomes a teacher in the forensic department of FBI. But Nikhil starts getting coordinates of dead bodies related to Shubh’s case. For this reason, Nikhil comes back to India. And then Nikhil and Dhananjay work together to solve the psycho killer case.

Four characters related to politics have also been shown in Asur, one of which is a leftist woman journalist, the second character is of a Dalit leader, the third character is of a cleric and apart from these three, the fourth character is of a minister. In this series, these four characters are shown connected with politics.

If all the characters and dialogues of this series are analyzed then we can discuss about the philosophy of this series in detail. If you have seen the Asur web series, then you can comment in the comment box about how you liked this series and if you have not yet seen this series, then do check it once.

Rating: 4.0/5

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