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Money Heist season 4 review

Money Heist season 4 review

Money Heist is a web series. The first season of this series was released on 2 May 2017 in Spanish, but on Netflix, you will find this series in the English language as well. Money Heist is the story of a professor who spent half his life to planning a big perfect theft. Today we will review season 4 of this franchise, so let’s start.


There are some web series that are not limited to just one show. It creates its own separate world in which people start living. And it seems to us that the characters who are inserted in the story come out of the screen and live and the other people sitting on the screen forget the difference between reality and fiction, just like this one powerful show has returned. After a year-long wait, the show has made a great comeback.

Those who are reading about Money Heist for the first time, then let me tell you that if you are looking for a series that has action packs, suspense, love, and a little laugh, then you have come to the right address.

The story of the series has been written around some fast-minded people who want to write their names in history by making the world’s biggest heist. For this, even if they have to fight with the police, army or even the whole country, then they will fight. If I speak in easy language, these people do not want to be thieves but want to prove themselves as heroes in front of the whole world. These people are dreaming to steal trillions of rupees in front of their eyes after an open challenge of the whole system and government.

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The mastermind of this entire plan is a clever man named Professor, who has spent more than half of his life just in planning this theft. For them, this theft is like an art in which they want to complete every work with 100% perfection. With your mind, you can think of them like a demon who surrounds his prey and leaves no way to get out. But the professor is very good at heart and is against bloodshed. To fulfill his mission, he uses some people whose life is at stake, he can make the whole government at his behest. Just as money is demanded in exchange for a human in a kidnapping, in this case, time is stretched a little longer using Hostages.

The twist in the story comes when their team slowly deviates from the mission and the emotions are overshadowed by the game of stealing money. Sometimes love is entered in this story, sometimes members of their team crowd together to humiliate each other.

Season 4’s story begins in a dangerous mode. Where the professor’s team is facing the biggest problem of its life. Some members are trapped between life and death and some are racing to get ahead of each other. The worst condition is that of the professor who has gone missing with his broken heart. Because he has lost the most important human being in his life. Their planning is ruined.  And his entire team is fighting the battle against the government alone.

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Amidst all this, the question arises whether the dream of fulfilling the heist is going to be completely broken this time? and the professor’s team is about to end in the cycle of becoming a hero? or is there a hidden twist in the story with the help of the professor once again The entire game has been overturned? The web series Money heist works to answer all these questions.

The biggest strength of this series is its character building. There are many such characters in the series, who want to hate seeing them, then there are some characters that you do not want to get out of your mind. In the love of the characters, you become so blind that the difference between right and wrong is erased.

The biggest question arises, which side are we on? Those thieves are trying to make history or the side of the police who want to turn the water on all their plans. Believe that this question sounds as simple as it sounds, but it is as complex as it is in reality. What makes season 4 special is its screenplay, which is the fastest compared to the previous three seasons.  So many twists and turns have been put in every episode that your mind will be forced to give up and you will slowly get caught up in the best game of suspense.  The classical music that has been installed in the background of the dangerous scenes, raises the money heist into a world-class show.

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Some questions have also been answered in season 4, for which you are waiting for the answer from season 1. Tokyo’s character is also shown in-depth, and for the first time, the human side of the professor is seen, in which he is using emotions instead of planning plating. But if you compare Season 4 with the rest of the season then it lags far behind in terms of reality. Logic has been left behind in season 4, which indicates that the show’s writers have become a bit lethargic.

Money heist is a powerful show that you cannot make a mistake to miss.  There are very few shows which try to show something different.  If you haven’t seen a single episode of it, then start today and if you are an old player, then what are you waiting for, open Netflix quickly and settle season 4.

Rating: 4.0/5

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