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Fortnite google play store

The year of 2018 proved epic for this game and the game touched a new high. But we can tell you that when the fortnite battle royale game was launched, it was made for PC and console only. The game was launched for Nintendo Switch on 12 Jun 2018 and shortly afterward it was launched for mobile devices. Fortnite is a battle royal game developed and published by Epic Games. This game runs on unreal engine 4, which is a very modern technology. The game was launched on 21 July 2017. Talking about the platform then this game runs on PC, Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.

When Fortnite mobile was launched, it was launched not on Google Playstore but on Epic store. When this game was launched for mobile devices, it used to run only in phones with good specifications because the game was not optimized well for mobile devices, due to which the game did not get much success on the mobile platform. Phones with good specifications were expensive and not everyone could afford an expansive phone.

Previously, if you had to download Fortnite mobile for an android device, then you had to visit Epic games website. After that the launcher had to be downloaded from the website, then an application was downloaded from that launcher and after that, the game used to be downloaded in that application. We had to go through a long process to download a game.

But now this will not happen because Fortnite mobile has been launched on google play store. The game was launched on April 21 at the play store. The APK size of the game is 107 MB. When you launch this application and login in it, then you are going to get a shock because to play this game you have to download 7.4 GB of data.

This is a disappointment as I felt that now the size of the game may have reduced, but there is no difference in its size. There is too much difficulty in downloading such a big game. And even if you have downloaded the 7.4 GB game, there is no guarantee of whether the game will run properly on a mid-range device or not.

This decision of Epic games was quite good and this decision will also increase the download of this game because most people prefer to download any application or games from Playstore because it is very easy to download any game from Playstore.

Epic games also need to pay attention to the performance and stability of the game because launching the game on google play store will not increase the downloads of the game too much because the game is so heavy that it runs only in the phone with good specification and the number of phones with good specification in the market is less than the number of phones with medium specification.

The best example of this thing is PUBG mobile.  This game is so optimized and stable for the mobile platform that it runs very well even in phones with medium specifications. The light version of this game ie PUBG lite is also available for phones with low specification i.e. PUBG mobile is a game that runs smoothly on all types of mobile devices. This is the reason why PUBG mobile downloads are so much.

We hope that Epic games has tuned and optimized it’s game Fortnite mobile so much that the game will run well on all devices.

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