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Top 5 High Graphics Android Games

Today we will talk about the Top 5 High Graphics Android Games.

1. République

Today we are going to talk about Top 5 High Graphics Android Games. And I asked High for this because the size of these games is very big. Each of these games is bigger than 3GB. Some of these games are online and some are also offline. So let’s start.

This is a great game and the game size goes up to 4GB. The story of the game is such that in this game a girl is caught in a trap. In the game, you get to see many different enemies. And in the game, your character also has some powers, which you will be able to use against your enemy. The storyline of the game is very good and the graphics of the game are also ultimate and in a way console level.

If you have a good phone, then this game will not disappoint you in terms of entertainment. I think you must try this game. Although this game has been available on the play store for a long time but people do not download it after seeing the size of this game, but it is also a fact that if you want to play a game with good graphics and storyline then the size of such games Is always bigger.

2. Life after

Life after game is a very good zombie game and If you have played Dead trigger game then you will surely like this game too. The game was created by NetEase, a major game developer company in China. This is an online story-based game. Along with the story in the game, you also get to see a lot of zombies. The game’s graphics are extraordinary and the game is huge. New maps are being added to this game. The game also has a multiplayer mode, so you can play this game with your friends too. This game is very good but because of PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile games people do not play games like life after.

I will highly recommend this game because the level of this game is very high and the quality of the game is not less than the console. You will easily find this game on google play store. The size of the game is almost 4 GB and after installation, its size will be around 5GB so to play such big games you must have a strong phone.

3. Xcom enemy within

This is a mission and alien types game. In this, you will get to see different types of guns and aliens technologies. And you will get to see a lot of missions. The graphics of this game are very strong and due to this, its size also becomes very large.  If you have to download this game then you have to sacrifice 3.4GB of data. The game is available on the Google Play Store but this game is a paid game, so if you want to play this game, then you have to spend Rs.420.

4. Grid Autosport

This is a racing game and if you are a fan of racing games then this game is for you. Grid Autosport is a very good high graphics game. The game was first launched for PC and console and later it is also made for mobile devices. If you want to run this game then you will need a high specification phone. Because the graphics of the game are very good and this is why the game becomes very heavy.

The size of this game is quite big, if you want to download this game for your mobile device, then it is necessary to have 4GB of space in your mobile device. This game will also be a bit heavy on your pocket as it is a paid game and if you want to play this game you will have to spend Rs.900.

5. Fortnite

If you play PUBG mobile then you must have also heard about Fortnite because Fortnite is a popular game. Fortnite mobile is a battle royal game and the game is as famous as PUBG. This is a heavy game very less device is capable to run this game smoothly, so you must have a heavy specification phone to run it. When the game was launched for Android, it was launched on the epic games website instead of the Play Store but recently the game has also been launched in the Google play store.

This game is the father of all games in size. The size of this game is the highest of all games made for Android. The size of this game is 7.4GB. this data is only for download after installation the size of the game expands even more.

According to me, this is the top five Android games which are huge in terms of size and graphics.


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