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Four more shots please season 2 review

Have you ever thought that if the words from the illogical word that we use in conversation with each other are changed in human form, then how will it look from outside? Anger will probably look like a red-faced monster and love will look like a handsome young man, but most interesting of all is a stupid word whose physical form is a bit difficult to imagine. This web series is probably related to this word. So let’s start with four more shots please season 2 review.

You can watch this show on amazon prime. It has total 10 episodes which is only 30 to 35 minutes long. If you want to watch this web series in a day, it will take 5 to 6 hours


The show has four modern-day girls who are trying to live life on their terms. She does not believe in the rules and regulations of the society and often runs in the race to prove the girls better than the boys.Umang is a gym trainer who is bisexual by sexuality, meaning her heart can fall on both boys and girls. She does not discriminate on the basis of gender in the matter of love. Once, his name gets associated with a famous heroine who breaks his heart due to fear of public image and Umang gets cheated in love.

Damini is a journalist who works to write news in online magazines but when she does not get respect and love from people in return, she decides to quit her job and write her own book. Their sex life is going on a bit messy and often strange fantasy keeps going on in their mind, due to which their hand is a little weak in the matter of relationship.

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Anjana is a single mother who stays alone with her daughter after divorcing her husband. she is also a lawyer by profession. Although she works to bring justice to the people, but she is badly trapped in the discrimination between boys and girls in their office. The connection of her second major problem in life is also associated with sex because after the divorce she is afraid to get close to people and wants to stay away from relationships like marriage.

Siddhi belongs to a rich family, who is very struggling due to obesity. If there is no weight loss, then no boy will be available for marriage, if the boy is not found then the marriage will not happen and his family’s respect in the society will be reduced. In order to get out of all these problems, The girl keeps hitting on different types of boys. Sometimes it reaches the point of sex and sometimes even the vehicle reaches love. But still, the mission of marriage remains incomplete.

A small bar in Mumbai works to connect these four, where together they plan to defeat their troubles in life and take four more shots to strengthen the friendship relationship.


According to the makers of this show, this show is trying to put a powerful concept like feminism in the mind of the people so that the discrimination between boys and girls can be reduced a bit. This is a very good thing and the girls are not less than the boys. Web series, films, and TV shows should be made on this concept, and I am not against it at all. But sitting in a bar and drinking alcohol, blatantly abusing someone in a loud voice and cheating in a relationship with different boys on the pretext of love, it is wrong to only combine all these with feminism.

The reality is that the makers of the show probably live in a world where the solution of every problem starts with sex and ends with sex. Apart from this, it is also forbidden to think of anything else in their world. Looking at the antics of the four characters that have been prepared in the web series, it seems as if she has forgotten to use her mind.

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The story of this web series is zero, acting is zero, and writing is also zero. It is also wrong to expect logics from this web series. The biggest problem is because of hybridness being shown on the show. In which girls are kept aside from what is right and what is wrong in the process of proving girls to be cool and boys fool. In the guise of a word like sex, the business of fooling people is done by opening a web series shop and in the end, trying to scare you for not speaking bad by showing a stick of feminism.

Four more shots have nothing to do with reality., it only serves to give satisfaction to those people for whom films like Veere di wedding are number 1 in the world’s best filmi list.

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